News from Representative Carson

January 10, 2020 

Dear Friend,

The new year has brought new challenges and opportunities, but the ongoing work to strengthen our nation remains. The House reconvened this week for the second session of the 116th Congress, and we wasted no time tackling these priorities. 

Like most Americans, I am extremely concerned by the escalation of tensions with Iran over the past week. I believe the President's decision to kill a senior Iranian military official was a reckless move that could endanger many innocent lives. And on Tuesday, these fears came to fruition when Iran retaliated by launching rockets at military bases in Iraq housing U.S troops.

Thankfully, no Americans were reported to be killed. But it's clear that the Administration's needless escalation has put the world on edge.

That's why, this week, the House passed a War Powers Resolution (H.Con.Res 83), which limits the President's military action regarding Iran. Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war. And as the people's representatives, we shouldn't let this President, or any President, drag America into endless and senseless military conflicts that result in many lives lost. Our country must show its strength by prioritizing peace. 

Your Friend,


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