News from Representative Carson

November 15, 2019 

Dear Friend,

This week was a particularly historic and somber one on Capitol Hill, as open hearings in the impeachment inquiry began. President Trump is one of only four Presidents to undergo this type of investigation, and for good reason. His efforts to force the Ukrainian government to investigate a political rival, using millions in U.S. aid as a bargaining chip, is deeply troubling and extremely damaging to our democracy. 

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee, the committee on which I serve, heard testimony from Ambassadors William Taylor and George Kent. They gave invaluable insight into the corrupt scheme directed from the Oval Office, as well as the ongoing cover-up. 

And today, we heard from former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. She described how the Trump Administration sought to smear her good reputation because she stood in the way of their plans.

There is still much more to know, and I expect we'll learn more during next week's hearings. But what we have already discovered shows that this President has compromised our national security, abused his power, and violated his oath of office. We must send a message that in America, no one is above the law.

Watch my questioning at Wednesday's hearing here and Friday's hearing here

We made progress on other priorities as well. On Thursday, the other committee on which I serve, Transportation and Infrastructure, held a hearing focusing on maritime vessel safety. This issue hits very close to home. It was less than a year-and-a-half ago that nine members of the Coleman family, members of our community, were killed in a duck boat accident in Branson, Missouri.

At the hearing, I spoke about that terrible tragedy and the need to update safety standards to make duck boats safer. To that end, I am working hard to pass my bill H.R. 2799, the Duck Boat Safety Act, which would improve known problems and prevent future tragedies. We owe it to the Coleman family, and all people whose lives have been lost on duck boats. 


Your Friend,


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