News from Representative Carson

September 27, 2019 

Dear Friend,

It has been quite a week.

After a whistleblower complaint was tied to wrongdoing by President Trump and his allies, Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the extraordinary but necessary step of launching an impeachment inquiry. The details of this complaint and the reports surrounding it allege that the President used his influence to pressure the President of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent, or he would withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in vital aid. 

It's clear to me that this mafia-style quid pro quo is a major violation of our nation's laws and the dignity of the highest office in the land. This and other scandals show we have no choice but to begin an impeachment inquiry to let this President know that he isn't above the law. As a member of House Intelligence, one of the six congressional committees tasked with conducting the inquiry, I'll play a lead role in this process and pledge to treat this responsibility with the utmost care. The future of our democracy is at stake. 

Meanwhile, the President and his administration continued their ongoing attack on other American values. Just yesterday, the administration proposed slashing refugee admissions in fiscal year 2020 to just 18,000 -- the lowest level since this program began in 1980. This is reprehensible. For centuries, America has been a beacon of hope to people around the world. We can't let this President shut our doors to those in need, and I'll  work hard to prevent this shameful policy change.  

My fellow House Democrats and I are united against these harmful rollbacks, and for common-sense and compassionate immigration policies. That's why we voted today to end the President's border emergency, which he announced earlier this year. This fake emergency is just a scheme to build his ineffective and costly wall by diverting funds from important military projects. It's not only xenophobic, it's also fiscally irresponsible and an insult to our troops. Let's secure our borders the smart way.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Your Friend,


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