News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

This week was nonstop as I held meetings with different Minnesota groups, including the St. Cloud Chamber, Big 10 college students, and the Minnesota Special Hockey Association. I even gave a special night tour of the Capitol to a few of my constituents! 

A Major Milestone

On Thursday, a major milestone was achieved as my first piece of legislation passed out of the House of Representatives. The Financial Stability Oversight Council Reform Act passed with a bipartisan vote of 239-179. This legislation was introduced in July and passed out of the Financial Services Committee in November of last year. 

Under Dodd-Frank, the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) and the Office of Financial Research (OFR) were created. FSOC has the ability to label financial institutions as “systemically important” resulting in more regulatory burdens on financial institutions and OFR conducts research on behalf of FSOC. 

Both FSOC and OFR have been operating outside of the democratic process, without Congressional oversight. I cannot stand for businesses being burdened with unjust regulations. This legislation would reduce mandatory spending by $1.3 billion over the next ten years, in addition to making FSOC and OFR accountable to the American people through the congressional appropriations process. I am incredibly proud that the Financial Stability Oversight Council Reform Act is my first piece of legislation to be heard and passed out of the House. To learn more, click here

Ox in DC

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of hosting KNSI’s very own Dan “Ox” Ocshner as he broadcast his radio show out of my D.C. office. 

He had the chance to interview some of my colleagues including Representatives Sean Duffy, Erik Paulsen, Patrick McHenry, Collin Peterson, Evan Jenkins and Brian Babin. 

Ask Tom About Taxes

Monday, April 18th is Tax Day, which means that Minnesotans are keeping their fingers crossed to see if they owe the government even more of their hard earned money. That is why I decided to focus this week’s Ask Tom on this nation’s uncompetitive, antiquated and confusing tax system that stifles the upward mobility of the poor and middle class. Click here to watch.

Once again, thanks for staying up to date with the work I am doing in Washington and Minnesota. Until next week…



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