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I hope you are enjoying the Fourth of July holiday weekend with friends and family. The Fourth of July is a celebration of our independence and the freedoms we enjoy every day. We are fortunate to live in the greatest country on earth!

Wounded Warrior Fellow


Today I held press conferences in Janesville and Racine announcing our Wounded Warrior Fellow, Ryan. The U.S. House of Representatives’ Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program gives wounded/disabled veterans the ability to work in Congress and help veterans. As a soldier in the U.S. Army and someone who has seen firsthand the bureaucracy within the VA, Ryan will effectively help veterans and their families. I encourage veterans who seek assistance to contact my office and use Ryan as a resource.

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

There is a humanitarian crisis at the border. We need to secure the southern border to address illegal immigration. We also must address the humanitarian crisis. I’m glad my colleagues in the House and Senate came together to pass the necessary humanitarian aid last week. This bill provides $4.5 billion to address the crisis at the border and gives law enforcement the tools they need.

Aim High


Last week, the United States Air Force presented my office with an official Air Force seal. We’ll proudly display the new seal to honor our Airmen. In Congress, I’m working to ensure our service members have the resources and tools to carry out their missions and protect the homeland.

Tim Cullen Summer Institute Interns


I had the opportunity to meet with students from the Tim Cullen Summer Institute program in my Janesville office. Enjoyed discussing my priorities in Congress and civics with these bright, young students!

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Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who took my online survey! I appreciate your input. If you haven't taken the survey, you can do so HERE. Some of the results...

70% support increased resources for border security

Immigration, health care, federal spending, and the environment are your top federal priorities

60% oppose Medicare for All

As always, please reach out to my office if you want to share an opinion or need help with a federal agency.

On Wisconsin,


Bryan G. Steil
Member of Congress

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