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Dear Neighbor,

The American Health Care Act, a bill that has been proposed to reform and replace the ACA, has been introduced. To read the bill click here and for a summary of the bill click here.

This legislation is intended to be the beginning of a multi-step reform process that will continue with administrative actions by HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price to stabilize the health insurance market, increase choices, and lower costs; and additional legislation such as allowing purchase of insurance across state lines.

Provisions in this legislation:

  • Ensures coverage for people with pre-existing conditions
  • Young adults can remain covered by their parents’ plans until age 26
  • Forbids life-time limits on insurance coverage
  • Provides a transition to a system in which those without care receive a subsidy to purchase from expanded set of insurance options 
  • Expands Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Eliminates individual and employer mandate tax penalties
  • Establishes a Patient and State Stability Fund to provide $100 billion to states to design programs which meet their unique needs and help low-income Americans afford care
  • Provides a monthly tax credit for lower- and middle-income households who do not receive insurance through government or work
  • Transitions Medicaid to a “per capita allotment” to give states more control and the ability to serve those most in need
  • Removes ACA taxes on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, health-insurance premiums, and medical devices
  • Maintains insurance for the more than 150 million Americans who receive employer sponsored health care 

In the coming weeks we will continue to work on improvements on how we can provide better, patient-centered health care, that is affordable for our hardworking families and individuals and protect the most vulnerable among us. I look forward to our continued dialogue on this important issue.

Thank you,

Barbara Comstock
Member of Congress

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