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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The American SAFE Act is a first step in keeping Americans safe, but it’s not the end of our work. Immediately following the terror attacks in Paris six days ago, the Members of the House worked over the weekend to expedite legislation already in development to address the refugee issues and designed to step up security in the United States. The SAFE Act will require the administration to verify these refugees are not terrorists. The administration and the FBI have already said they cannot verify refugees from Syria are not radicalized, so this bill would immediately stop the flow of unverifiable and potentially dangerous individuals into the United States. This common sense legislation is supported by the vast majority of America. It has bi-partisan support and it is a bill the president should support to prevent future attacks. My constituents and the American people should know we have other tools, including the upcoming Omnibus bill, we can use to protect the homeland should the president veto this legislation. The risks from radicalized terrorists both homegrown and from abroad will not go away, so the House will not stop working to protect America.

Find out more about the American SAFE Act at

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On Wednesday (Nov. 18), I visited with Dr. Kevin Hall (left) and Dr. John English, dean of the University of Arkansas College of Engineering.

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October's "Touring the Fourth" visit to Mount Magazine was featured on Friday morning's "5NEWS This Morning." Tourism is a major economic driver in the Fourth District and the state of Arkansas. More than $6 billion was spent on travel and tourism in Arkansas in 2013 while annual payroll in the travel and tourism industry stood at $1.1 billion and supported 61,152 jobs.

I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends this week. My offices will be closed Thursday (Nov. 26) and Friday (Nov. 27) as my staff and I celebrate the holiday with our families. District and Washington offices will re-open Monday, Nov. 30.

It is an honor to be your congressman. Thank you for allowing me to serve the citizens of the Fourth District.


Bruce Westerman
Member of Congress

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