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December 17, 2016

December 12:

Last week, the Washington Post published an investigative report revealing that the Pentagon purposely buried an internal audit exposing $125 billion in bureaucratic waste. That total amounts to nearly one-fourth of the Defense Department’s $580 billion budget.

According to the study, much of the waste falls into the categories of administrative business operations (accounting, human resources, logistics and property management). The numbers are staggering, with roughly 84,000 in human-resources jobs and more than 192,000 in property management. Additionally, with 457,000 people assigned to logistics and supply-chain jobs, in this category the Pentagon actually exceeds the size of United Parcel Service’s entire global workforce! Overall, there are nearly as many people working desk jobs (1.01 million) as there are active duty troops (1.30 million) today. Click here to read more.

December 13:

Under the category of “this is exactly what created the Trump phenomenon,” I thought you might find the letter below of interest.

After a nice conversation with this constituent about the contents of this letter and the frustration that it represented, I asked if I could post his thinking as long as I deleted any reference to his name or address. His answer was certainly, but that in fact he didn't care if I did include his information, given how disgruntled he was with Washington.

I didn't...but I'd be curious to know if his frustration matches yours....

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December 14:

I sent this press release out in regard to the Federal Reserve's decision today to raise its target rate by 25 basis points. I share it because, as mentioned in the release, the Fed's move represents another reason that every one of us should be skiddish about what happens next with the national debt and its associated costs.

To give you a little perspective, 25 basis points in additional interest costs on $20 trillion of debt means an additional $480 million dollars per week in interest costs.

This tragically isn't being talked about in the Fed's move...but it should certainly capture our attention.

The numbers are not exact, but they are baked into the cake on what will come next....


December 15:

If you believe in the power of grace, the vital workings of our justice system, and what comes next in human relations in Charleston, today's decision was important.

Accordingly I put this statement out earlier:

"My prayers continue to go out to the families affected, and I think each one of us needs to find a way to send them a prayer here during the Christmas Season. These families have shown heavenly grace and inspired people from here at home and around the world to ask "how we might then live," in light of the example of grace they have indeed walked.

"It will be important that each one of us continues to pray. In this case, that the jurors will have heavenly guidance as the next phase of the trial begins in January, and they decide whether Mr. Roof should be sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life in prison.

"For now, though, we should all be thankful that there is peace in Charleston, that our legal processes have worked, and that we are on the road to justice being done in the wake of unimaginable tragedy."



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