News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

As you may have heard, I traveled to Cuba over the weekend with a Congressional delegation and then spent the week traveling throughout Minnesota. I had fantastic meetings with Federal Premium Ammunition and Clare Housing, as well as speaking at the Broadband Conference hosted by the All Minnesota Broadband Alliance.

Returning to Cuba

Last year, after visiting Cuba for the first time, I introduced the Cuba Trade Act of 2015 along with Representative Kathy Castor (D-FL). This legislation would lift the Cuba embargo and allow for businesses in the private sector to trade freely with Cuba.

This week I returned to Cuba and was impressed with the difference a year has made. The more I meet and speak with the Cuban people I become more convinced that Cuba is ready for the next step. We are not asking people to forget the past, but we are looking at what is the future of Cuba and its relationship to the United States. Instead of continuing to isolate our island neighbor, the time has come to allow American businesses and influences to enter Cuba and introduce the ideas of capitalism and democracy. Trading with Cuba would not only benefit the Cuban people, it would also benefit this nation and the Minnesotan economy in particular.

To read full text of the Cuba Trade Act of 2015, click here.

Increasing Internet Access in Minnesota

On Thursday, I spoke at the Broadband Conference on the importance of expanding and increasing internet access in Minnesota. Broadband is a vital component of our nation’s 21st Century infrastructure. Having immediate access to knowledge and communication with others significantly contributes to education competitiveness and economic success.

I believe that providing low-cost internet to families facing economic hardship offers them a particularly powerful tool to reach the level of economic success they strive to achieve. It is absolutely vital that we make these improvements to our 21st Century infrastructure now so that the workforce of tomorrow has the tools at their disposal to keep America competitive and thriving in a rapidly developing world.

Guns and Ammo

On Thursday afternoon, I took a tour of Federal Premium Ammunition in Anoka County. During the tour, I had a chance to learn more about one of this nation’s leading producers of ammunition, and even got to test out the merchandise.

I always have been, and always will be a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, and strongly condemn this Administration’s attempts to diminish the rights of law-abiding citizens. I appreciate any business that not only brings commerce to our great state, but also helps Americans exercise their Second Amendment right.

Thanks for staying updated on the work I am doing in Minnesota’s Sixth District and in Washington D.C. and until next week…



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