News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

Temperatures in D.C. are starting to drop, and while everyone else is complaining, I feel right at home. This week was hectic as usual with votes, meetings, and with the introduction of my new bill, the CREATE Jobs Act. 


On Wednesday, I introduced H.R. 4518, the CREATE Jobs Act, which will make the United States corporate income tax rates internationally competitive. For years, we have been putting ourselves at a competitive disadvantage – sending jobs, people and tax dollars overseas to countries that have far more business friendly rates.

Instead we must implement legislation like the CREATE Jobs Act which will help – not hinder – our country’s future by encouraging the creation of more American jobs, increasing our GDP and raising wages for American workers. To learn more about my new legislation, click here to read my full press release.

Mountains of Debt 

Due to a rapid expansion of the federal government, the Obama Administration has racked up $8 trillion in new debt, pushing the national debt to $19 trillion. Additionally, the President released his final budget plan, which unfortunately shows no sign of reining in excessive spending. Ironically, the cover of the President’s budget plan accurately represents the mountains of debt this new plan will bring. 

This is also why this week I voted for the Debt Management and Fiscal Responsibility Act – which the House passed. To learn how this vital piece of legislation would help to restore responsibility in Washington, click here to watch my speech on the House Floor. 

Suspending the Clean Power Plan

This past week, the Supreme Court placed a temporary hold against President Obama’s Clean Power Plan until their final ruling comes down later this year. This is a decision that I am ecstatic about. In Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District, manufacturing is one of the largest sectors of our economy. Studies have shown that Minnesota could lose more than 10,000 manufacturing jobs if the Clean Power Plan is implemented – critically stunting our economy. I believe that Minnesotans should be responsible stewards of our environment, while still allowing for maximum economic benefit. 

Are you a high school artist?

Every spring, a nation-wide high school art competition is sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives to promote the artistic talent in this country. Each member of Congress chooses a piece of artwork created by a student in their district that is displayed in the halls of the Capitol. 

I encourage all aspiring artists within my district to submit a piece of their own original artwork. To learn more about the rules and requirements, please click here

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and until next week…



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