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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. A lot of people don’t know what dyslexia is or its symptoms and this month aims to raise awareness. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, affecting more than 90 percent of all individuals identified as learning disabled. One out of six school age children are estimated to be affected by dyslexia.

Click here to learn more about dyslexia and how the READ Act could improve the lives of individuals living with dyslexia.

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Arkansas News Bureau: Womack only member of Arkansas delegation to vote for budget deal
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Wednesday night (October 28) was the congressional charity football game. We raised money for the Capitol Police memorial fund, military families, and children. Thanks to the NFL for helping us with the event and for the players who participated. It was nice to be on the team with Herschel Walker.

October 26: READ Act Necessary for Student Success, Westerman Says
October 27: Bruce Westerman Speaks In Support of READ Act
October 27: Farm to School Program Praised by Congressman Bruce Westerman
October 27: Westerman Announces South Central Arkansas Mobile Offices
October 27: Westerman Announces Southwest Arkansas Mobile Offices
October 28: Budget Deal "Not A Good Deal for the American People," Westerman Says
October 28: Boozman, Womack Highlight Need for APPROVAL Act during House Natural Resources Hearing
October 28: Dyslexia Awareness Month Q&A with Congressman Bruce Westerman

Judy Hile (left) with Field Representative David Witte at Friday's (October 30) mobile office in Murfreesboro.

Mobile offices continue across the Fourth District next week. For a complete list of mobile office locations and other events, visit the “Events” section at For the locations of Monday and Tuesday’s mobile offices, click on your county:

Monday, November 2
8:30 a.m.: Clark County
10:15 a.m.: Nevada County
12:15 p.m.: Miller County
2 p.m.: Lafayette County
3:30 p.m.: Columbia County

Tuesday, November 3
8 a.m.: Ouachita County
9:45 a.m.: Calhoun County
11:30 a.m.: Bradley County
1:30 p.m.: Ashley County
3:30 p.m.: Drew County

It is an honor to be your congressman. Thank you for allowing me to serve the citizens of the Fourth District. 


Bruce Westerman
Member of Congress

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