Hello District 5 Neighbors!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend! I was thrilled to host Mayor Todd Gloria at multiple community events in our district this weekend, including the Scripps Ranch Parade, the Rancho Penasquitos July 4th Celebration and Laser Light Show, and the Rancho Bernardo Spirit of the Fourth event. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and put these events together!





The State of California has fully reopened just in time for summer in San Diego! While we are not out of the woods yet, San Diego County is leading in the vaccine roll out as we are on track to hit 75% of our eligible population fully vaccinated later this month. As always, my office is here to help with questions about vaccines, small business support, and rent relief for landlords and renters who were unemployed during the pandemic. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and I hope everyone has a safe and healthy summer!

We had another busy month at the City as we unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget. While I wish there was more spending planned for infrastructure projects included for this upcoming year, I am proud of what we included to help our communities recover from the pandemic. In the City Hall Update below are some highlights for the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget. Again, I am so grateful for all of you that participated and engaged with my office throughout this process and I encourage all of you to continue to reach out should you have any further questions or concerns.

You're Invited! Wildfire Safety & Preparedness Workshop

Join me along with the San Diego Fire Department, CalFire, San Diego Police Department, Fire Safe Council, California Insurance Commissioner's Office, and San Diego Gas & Electric for a wildfire safety and preparedness workshop! As climate change drives worsening fires, it is crucial that our communities are properly prepared for the upcoming fire season.




Finally, I would like to dedicate this month’s newsletter to my grandfather, Claude Maer, who just celebrated his 102 Birthday! Born on June 10, 1919, he became one of the youngest licensed HAM radio operators at the age of 11. He served as a U.S. Army Captain in World War II, and is a grandfather to 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. 

Love you, Papa!






Councilmember Marni von Wilpert



COVID-19 Update

California Reopens Just In Time For Summer

On June 15th, mask requirements, capacity and distancing restrictions were lifted for most businesses and activities! Large-scale indoor events will have vaccination or negative test requirements for attendees through at least October 1st. Read more about the blueprint for the California reopening here

California Extends Eviction Moratorium to September 30th and Provides $5 Billion in Rent Relief

Assembly Bill 832 extends the current eviction moratorium for two more months, September 30th, and will ensure the state quickly uses the more than $5 billion in federal rental assistance to help tenants and small landlords and protect vulnerable households from eviction.

Landlords and tenants impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for 100% of their back rent covered under the bill. Click here for more information.

In the COVID-19 Response & Recovery Committee, we encouraged the San Diego Housing Commission to advocate to the State for 100% reimbursements for landlords and tenants. This will eliminate the number of people facing eviction and ensure landlords are paid. 

Cal/Osha Announces New Workplace Mask Guidance

Earlier last month, the Cal/Osha Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board voted to adopt revised COVID-19 prevention emergency temporary standards that account for recent guidance from the California Department of Public Health based on increases in the number of people vaccinated. 

The revised standards include the following:

               + Fully vaccinated employees do not need to be offered testing or excluded                    from work after close contact unless they have COVID-19 symptoms.
               + Fully vaccinated employees do not need to wear face coverings except for                    certain situations during outbreaks and in settings where CDPH requires all                    persons to wear them. Employers must document the vaccination status of                    fully vaccinated employees if they do not wear face coverings indoors.
               + Employees are not required to wear face coverings when outdoors regardless                    of vaccination status except for certain employees during outbreaks.
               + Employees are explicitly allowed to wear a face covering without fear of                    retaliation from employers.
               + Physical distancing requirements have been eliminated except where an                    employer determines there is a hazard and for certain employees during                    major outbreaks.
               + Employees who are not fully vaccinated may request respirators for                                     voluntary use from their employers at no cost and without fear of retaliation                    from their employers.
               + Employees who are not fully vaccinated and exhibit COVID-19 symptoms                    must be offered testing by their employer.
               + Employer-provided housing and transportation are exempt from the                    regulations where all employees are fully vaccinated.
               + Employers must review the Interim guidance for Ventilation, Filtration, and                    Air Quality in Indoor Environments.
               + Employers must evaluate ventilation systems to maximize outdoor air and                    increase filtration efficiency, and evaluate the use of additional air cleaning                       systems.

FEMA is Providing Financial Assistance for COVID-19 Related Funeral Costs

As a reminder, FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19-related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020 under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. FEMA will begin accepting applications this month. 

If you were impacted by COVID-19 funeral expenses, we encourage you to keep and gather documentation.  Types of documents include: an official death certificate and funeral expenses (receipts, funeral home contract, etc.). 

For more information, please click here

Apply for California COVID-19 Rent and Utility Assistance Program

The State of California is still accepting applications from renters and landlords on behalf of a renter for past due and future payments of rent and utilities. Per guidance from the U.S. Department of Treasury, financial help this program provides to a household is not considered income for the household. The program does not ask about immigration status; it does not affect eligibility for the program.

Households that meet the following criteria are eligible to receive help:

         +Tenant has a City of San Diego address.
         +Household income is at or below 80 percent of San Diego’s Area Median                          Income (AMI), currently $97,000 per year for a family of four.
         +Household has an obligation to pay rent.
         +At least one member of the household has a reduction of income or other                           financial hardship due to COVID-19.
         +Household experienced or is at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing             instability.

Those in need of assistance can apply here.

Apply Now for City of San Diego Rent and Utility Assistance Program

The City of San Diego is still accepting applications for COVID-19 rental and utility assistance through the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) Housing Stability Assistance Program. Tenants can apply for the program, OR a landlord can apply on behalf of a tenant to help pay past-due, unpaid rent and utilities for individuals and families with low income in the City of San Diego who experience financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Those in need of assistance can apply here.

City of San Diego Economic Assistance Resource Website

The City of San Diego Economic Development Department established a comprehensive list of available financial relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19. 

Click here for resources.

San Diego Workforce Partnership Resources

The San Diego Workforce Partnership released a resource guide for navigating a safe reopening as well as human resources support. Click here for more information.

They also received a two-year grant of $1.5 million from The James Irvine Foundation to fund CyberHire San Diego—a movement that aims to increase the number of unemployed, underemployed and low-wage workers in quality cybersecurity careers. Click here for more information.

San Diego County Vaccination Progress


Click here for a full breakdown of San Diego’s vaccination progression.

When Can I get My Vaccine?

Any resident 12 years and older are eligible to be vaccinated, and no appointment is necessary at County vaccination sites. Residents age 12 and older can either make an appointment or walk-up (as supply lasts) to receive a vaccine.

Click here to sign-up for an appointment.


City Hall Update

San Diego Police Department Releases Report on Proliferation of “Ghost Guns”, Highlights Need for Immediate Action

In response to my request last month, the San Diego Police Department released a report on the proliferation of "ghost guns" in San Diego. The report showed a sharp increase in the number of "ghost guns" on our streets, and it's clear the time to act is now to protect our communities from the spread of unserialized, untraceable firearms. 

I am working with the City Attorney to quickly bring forward an ordinance to close this loophole and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. We must continue to do everything possible to protect our neighborhoods from the epidemic of gun violence.


Read the full report by the San Diego Police Department here.


Fiscal Year 2022 City Budget

Last month, the City Council unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget. While I wish there was more funding allocated for infrastructure projects for this upcoming year, I am proud of what we are able to include to ensure public safety, help communities thrive, and make sure our City recovers from the pandemic.

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

            + Additional Fire-Rescue Department Helicopter: Given the current                state of climate change driven wildfires in California, the City must remain                vigilant in our efforts to reduce the fire dangers that our communities face. To                ensure the San Diego Fire Department is adequately equipped to respond to                fires and emergencies, I requested that funding be provided to activate the                additional fire helicopter "Copter 1" for Fiscal year 2022.

            + Additional Deputy City Attorney for the Gun Violence Restraining                Order (GVRO) Program: Since the San Diego City Attorney's Office                launched California's pioneering GVRO program in December of 2017, the                Office has removed more than 900 guns from dangerous situations. GVROs                have been used to remove guns from situations involving threats of suicide,                domestic violence, and mass shootings at schools, hospitals, and workplaces.    

               Effective gun violence prevention is an essential measure of public safety for                our City. I requested that funding be made available to hire an additional                Deputy City Attorney within the City Attorney's office to support the Gun                Violence Restraining Order Program. This position will ensure the City can                respond quickly and effectively to threats of violence involving firearms.

            + Street Condition Assessment Study: In my Budget Priorities Memo                       I advocated to fully fund the City's Infrastructure Fund but unfortunately,                I was the lone vote to against overriding the the Proposition H infrastructure                fund contribution that was passed in 2016. I was the sole dissenting vote                because I believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the city is carrying out                what voters passed in Prop H and we desperately need to invest in our City's                infrastructure now. 

               However, I did successfully advocate to include funding for a Street Condition                Assessment Study. The City spends tens of millions of dollars per year on                street maintenance based on an outdated street condition assessment that was                completed in 2015. It was crucial that we include funding for a new street                condition assessment to ensure current and accurate data is used to guide this                essential City service. This data is also important for the City Council and                residents to ensure the City is utilizing its resources wisely and tracking the                progress and effectiveness of the City's streets program. 

          + Three Additional Deputy City Attorneys for the Civil Litigation                          DivisionThe Civil Litigation Division prosecutes and defends civil lawsuits                in which the City is a party. Due to a shortage of staff, the Civil Litigation Unit                has had to seek outside counsel to assist with various matters, which is much                more expensive than hiring additional attorneys for the City. The average cost                per hour for the outside counsel is approximately $330 per hour, versus the                average cost per hour for a Deputy City Attorney of $104. It makes fiscal sense                to hire 3 additional Deputy City Attorneys to cover the unit's burgeoning case                load.

           + Public Power Options Study: The City must prioritize the funding of a                municipalization study for gas and electric services now to better position the                City in the future. This will allow the City to transfer to a public power option                or have more leverage in the next negotiation with a private utility company.                This study will be funded using the bid payment from the SDG&E Franchise                Fee.

           + Transportation Department Weed Abatement Funding: Weed                abatement is an important maintenance activity that provides both aesthetic                and safety benefits. The Transportation Department's weed abatement                program goes hand in hand with our brush management efforts to reduce the                risk of wildfires ignited by vehicles. The weed abatement along streets in high                fire risk communities, such as the San Pasqual Valley, or along wildfire                evacuation routes are critical to public safety. I requested that the                Transportation Department's weed abatement contract be fully funded and                priority be given to wildfire evacuation routes and high fire risk streets across                the City.

           + Funding to Execute City Lease Agreements with Farmers in San               Pasqual ValleyThe farms and agricultural activities in the San Pasqual                Valley require long term lease agreements with the Public Utilities                                   Department in order to make the necessary investments in their facilities. I                requested one full time employee for a newly created position of Agricultural                Manager, with a background in lease negotiations and an understanding of the                agricultural industry who can work with the Public Utilities Department and                the Real Estate Assets Department to support these unique local businesses.


In the Community

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Last month was national LGBTQ+ pride month! In addition to raising the pride flag for the first time at City Hall, the San Diego Police Department adopted new rules for interactions with transgender and nonbinary citizens. Officers must use visual and verbal cues to become aware of a person’s gender identification, accept it, and refer to them by their preferred pronouns. 



Two District 5 residents qualify for the Tokyo Olympics! We are so proud that we have TWO olympians to represent our District at the Olympics this month. Good luck and we will all be cheering you on from home!

⭐Jennifer Valente will compete in Track Cycling.

⭐Nicole Ahsinger will compete in Trampoline Gymnastics.


Retiring North San Diego Business Chamber Members

I was honored to recognize the outgoing board members from the North San Diego Business Chamber! I thanked them for their years of service advocating for local businesses and for working to foster a business friendly environment in San Diego.



Juneteenth in the City of San Diego

I was humbled to have participated in the ceremony to commemorate Juneteenth, and to raise the flag for the first time in the City of San Diego with Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe and Mayor Todd Gloria. 

Throughout history, Juneteenth has been known by many names- Jubilee Day - Freedom Day - Liberation Day - Emancipation Day, and it is all those things are more. It is so important that we come together to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and ensure that Black history is taught, not erased or disregarded. Recognition is important, representation matters, and we must use this day of remembrance to drive action. While we have come a long way towards achieving equity for all there is still much work to be done in the fight for racial justice in our country.




Veterans Beer Club Anniversary

I was so excited to join the Veterans Beer Club for their fifth anniversary celebration at Second Chance Beer Co. in Rancho Bernardo! It was great to be back at an in person event to celebrate.



New Leaf Biofuel

I was thrilled to tour New Leaf Biofuel and learn about the amazing operation they are running to produce an eco-friendly alternative to diesel fuel from recycled cooking oil! This operation is crucial in our efforts to combat climate change and meet our climate action goals in San Diego.





Ed Brown Center for Active Adults Reopens

The Ed Brown Center for Active Adults in Rancho Bernardo is pleased announce that it will be reopening its doors to the public on Monday, July 19, 2021! To celebrate, the community is invited to attend an Open House from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 17. The event will be held on the outdoor patio, and will include entertainment, food, a tour of the facility, a face-to-face with Center instructors, and a chance to see old friends and make new ones.

They also have some exciting news to share, but you’ll have to attend to find out what it is! The Center is open to anyone aged 18 and up and they offer more than 30 different classes and activities each week – ranging from art to Zumba – that stimulate both body and mind.

The Center is located at 18402 W. Bernardo Drive, San Diego 92127 (inside Rancho Bernardo Community Park).

City has $1 million in Unclaimed Funds Waiting for San Diegans

URGENT: Anyone who has done business with the City of San Diego in the past three years, including paying business taxes or utility fees, could be owed money. Check amounts range from $1 to $35,000. 

To find out if you are owed money by the City of San Diego click here.

COX Communications Discount Program

As a reminder, Cox Communications is participating in the $3.2 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program, which was approved as part of the federal stimulus package passed by Congress in December and launched officially on May 12, 2021.

This program will further assist qualified residents with accessing affordable internet. In a time where many are facing challenges due to the pandemic, Cox remains committed to keeping families and households connected to their loved-ones, friends, work and school.

Eligible households with active Cox service can receive up to $50 off their monthly internet service, including equipment rental costs. Mobile phone payment plans may also qualify for the subsidy. Qualifying households include those that suffered a loss of income due to furlough or unemployment or are enrolled in one or more eligible government assistance programs.

For more information about the EBB program, click here.

Short-Term Vacation Rental Licenses

In case you missed it- are you an Airbnb or Vrbo host? Do you own or manage a vacation rental in San Diego? Take the pre-registration survey on upcoming short-term rental licenses here

The City Council recently passed a Short-Term Residential Occupancy ordinance. As a part of these regulations, licenses will be required to operate a STRO in the City of San Diego beginning July 1, 2022. Participation in this survey does not guarantee a license but will provide the STRO Program with information to assist in the development of administrative rules to implement and administer license registration, the lottery process and ensure potential hosts receive timely notification of updates. Learn more here.

Active duty military families: Are you interested in learning more, and exploring more, in Balboa Park?

The free Military Appreciation Pass (MAP) program is still open to active duty families in San Diego County. Interested families may apply to receive the annual Balboa Park Explorer pass. Pass recipients receive free general admission to 16 museums, and the MAP program is a wonderful way for families new to the area to explore all that Balboa Park has to offer. Active duty families and individuals interested in the program (first-time applicants only) may email to be placed on the waiting list and to ask any questions.

(Note: The San Diego Zoo is not included. Due to limited quantities, this program is open only to active duty families and individuals with a San Diego County mailing address. If you have previously had the free passes, we are not able to provide them for a second year.) 

Thank you for your service!


San Diego Foundation’s Summer Enrichment Grants for Students

Students are struggling to focus and retain information with online learning, many are failing their classes and students feel that they are learning less than past years. 

As a reminder, the San Diego Foundation is teaming up with the San Diego Unified School District to change that by issuing grants for summer enrichment programs. These programs will help San Diego students accelerate learning and address the social-emotional needs of youth, especially for those student groups most impacted by COVID-19.  

The Level Up SD grants – made possible by The San Diego Foundation and San Diego Unified – promotes a summer of student learning and joy through:

            + Academic tutoring
            + Exposure to career pathways and paid internships
            + Outdoor nature experiences
            + Sports & fitness
            + STEM and STEAM related programs,
            + Performing and musical arts
            + Visual & media arts
            + Reading & writing 
            + Nonprofit community-based organizations, district-managed schools and                         municipalities are eligible for funding for enrichment programs in summer                       2021 – beginning in mid-June and completed by late August. The deadline for                 grant applications is this Friday, April 30. 

For information and to apply click here.


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