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Dear Friend,


Over the last several days, I engaged with constituents during two productive town halls, remembered the sacrifices of our troops on Veterans Day, and more. Here's a recap:


Remembering American Heroes on Veterans Day


During Veterans Day, I reflected on the importance of helping American veterans and on their critical impact on our Hampton Roads community.

As a 20-year Navy veteran serving a district with an immense military presence, I have made it a top priority to ensure that all veterans have the resources they need to thrive after their service.

On Veterans Day, like every day, it is important to recognize and thank our veterans and their families for their sacrifices and irreplaceable contributions. In Coastal Virginia, veterans and military families are the fabric and backbone of our community. I will continue to proudly champion the cause of America’s bravest men and women.


ImageWe honored our nation's 22 million veterans at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk on Veterans Day. I thank the ODU Army ROTC color guard and the 29th Infantry Division band for joining us as we recognized the sacrifices our veterans made to defend our Constitution and way of life.


Discussing Coastal Virginia Priorities at Town Halls


Last week, I held two town halls in Williamsburg and Cape Charles. During these events, I answered questions from constituents, discussed my legislative accomplishments, and connected residents to helpful federal agencies and members of my team.


It was a pleasure to be back in Williamsburg and Cape Charles to discuss pressing matters facing our communities. I enjoyed answering the many thoughtful and insightful questions that everyone asked. Representing Coastal Virginia in Congress means listening to our community's unique needs and voicing them so the nation takes notice. I'll continue to do that and I thank everyone for taking time to attend these productive meetings.


ImageIt was a delight to discuss important issues with constituents during our town hall in Williamsburg. 

ImageFull house at the Cape Charles Civic Center during our Eastern Shore town hall! I thank everyone who came.


Defending My Oath to the Constitution


Recently, I voted with the majority in Congress to provide a path forward for public hearings as part of the next phase of the House impeachment inquiry.


House Resolution 660 provides rules for the format of open hearings in the House Intelligence Committee and it authorizes the public release of deposition transcripts. The resolution also establishes procedures for the transfer of evidence to the Judiciary Committee as it considers potential articles of impeachment, and it sets forth due process rights for the President and his Counsel in the Judiciary Committee proceedings.

I did not come to Washington to impeach the President, but his actions have brought Congress to this juncture.


As part of my duty to defend our oath to the Constitution, I continue to support the ongoing investigation of the President’s decision to withhold critical aid from our partner, Ukraine, in exchange for information to detract from a political opponent. The President’s own words threatened our national security, undermined the integrity of our elections, and constituted an abuse of power. This investigation will bring out the truth, something every American deserves.


Fighting for the Environment


Last week, the President announced that the U.S. would begin the withdrawal process from the Paris Climate Accord. I immediately joined my fellow leaders of the New Democrat Coalition Climate Change Task Force in condemning this decision. This regressive move leaves America isolated as the administration abandons this critical global effort to combat climate change.

The President’s decision to begin formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement threatens our coastal community and puts our military readiness at risk. The Department of Defense found that climate change is a "national security issue" and "the greater Hampton Roads area is very vulnerable to flooding caused by rising sea levels and land subsidence."


Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment Increase


I am happy to hear that over 60 million Americans will see their Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits increase!

In January 2020, a 1.6 percent cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase will begin for more than 63 million Social Security beneficiaries. Starting on December 31st, 2019, over 8 million SSI beneficiaries will see increased benefits.


Most Social Security beneficiaries will be able to view their COLA notice online at


ImageI enjoyed joining House Committee on Education and Labor Chairman Bobby Scott and leaders of MISSION: Readiness to discuss the challenge of and solutions to childhood obesity. Seven in 10 high school graduates in Virginia cannot enlist in our military and poor nutrition is a leading cause. I will continue to advocate for solutions.


ImageIt was an pleasure to speak at the veterans pinning ceremony at First Colonial Inn. We honored veterans who live and work at First Colonial Inn in Virginia Beach. It is our generation’s obligation to ensure that these American heroes know they’re appreciated. 


ImageMy thanks to the Princess Anne chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for inviting me to speak at their Veterans Day luncheon. I appreciate your honoring of our nation’s veterans and your regard for our democracy.


ImageOn Election Day, my staff and I exercised our civic duty and right to vote. It was great to be an active participant in our democracy!


ImageDuring a fun afternoon, I tailgated at the Norfolk State University football game. It was a blast meeting with constituents and cheering on the Spartans!


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I enjoyed telling you about my week and I look forward to telling you about many more! Please follow my official Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out our website.


I hope that you will take some time to read the news articles below. 

It’s the honor of my lifetime to serve you and Virginia’s Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. As always, you have my word that I will continue working hard each day, and I welcome your thoughts!


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