News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

I would like to begin this letter by voicing my horror and anguish over the attacks that took place in Paris last Friday. The individuals who lost their lives were sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, wives and husbands who went out for a fun night and never returned home. I strongly condemn any ideology that promotes this senseless violence. As we continue to mourn these tragic events, we must remain vigilant and ensure that similar attacks do not occur here at home.  

Declaring War on the Islamic State 

As a direct response to the terror attacks in Paris, I introduced a joint resolution to officially declare war on the Islamic State. The Islamic State has declared war against America and our allies, and now we have an obligation to act.

The United States Constitution grants Congress the authority to declare war, and Congress has exercised this on just five occasions. Congress must employ its constitutional authority through this Declaration of War and give the President the power to utilize all facets of our military and diplomatic strength to successfully defeat our enemies. To read more, click here.  

Our Number One Priority

Following the attacks in Paris, there have been numerous questions from my constituents about the Syrian refugee crisis. While our country has a long history of accepting immigrants and refugees, the safety of the American people must be our number one priority. That is why I voted in support of the SAFE Act, which would implement increased screening measures on refugees from Iraq and Syria. The Islamic State has made their intentions of carrying out terrorist attacks here in the United States very clear, so we must ensure that terrorists don’t exploit refugee resettlement to enter our country.

Federal Oversight Reform and Modernization Act

On Wednesday, I spoke on the House Floor in favor of the Federal Oversight Reform and Modernization Act. The Fed is an ineffective and isolated government bureaucracy that is out of touch with the common man and the long term needs of the American people. This important legislation would enhance oversight, communication, and transparency. To hear more about this bill, watch my speech here.

Congressional App Challenge

Just a friendly reminder that my office is participating in the Congressional App Challenge. If you are a high school student in Minnesota’s Sixth District and there is an app that you wish existed, now is the time to create it! To learn more about the rules that surround this challenge, click here.

I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones. Until next time…



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