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News From the 2nd District is just one of the many ways my office engages constituents across our region. Here you will find some of the latest news from Capitol Hill, summaries of recent legislative activity, and updates from my office, which you are welcome to share with friends and family. 

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House Passes Rep. Taylor's Bill, H.R. 5075, the Ashanti Alert Act

Rep. Taylor speaks on behalf of the Ashanti Alert Act with the parents and family of Ashanti Billie

On September 25th, I had the privilege of meeting with Ashanti Billie's parents, family, and friends to commemorate the legacy of Ashanti on the day of the passage of my bill, H.R. 5075, the Ashanti Alert Act. This bipartisan bill passed in the House of Representatives that evening, which brings the bill one step closer to being signed into law by the President later this year.  

The Ashanti Alert system establishes an alert network to help local and regional law enforcement efforts to search for missing adults between the ages of 18-65. This system would use a wide array of media outlets - such as commercial radio stations, television stations, and cable television - to broadcast information about missing persons. It also sets a minimum standard for issuing alerts if the person suffers from a proven mental or physical disability; if law enforcement believes physical safety is endangered; or if they believe their disappearance may not have been voluntary. The Ashanti Alert also integrates with the Blue Network instead of AMBER so that information about missing adults and children are kept separate. This ensure that law enforcement efforts are not duplicated, which could mean the difference between locating a person and saving them.

I want to thank Representatives Smith, Raskin, and Ciciline for their support and leadership on this bill, and extend my deepest sympathies to the parents, family, and friends of Ashanti Billie for their loss. Although Ashanti is no longer with us, her legacy will live on in this legislation and give law enforcement all across the country the tools they need to locate missing adults in danger.

Here you can watch my additional remarks on the Ashanti Alert Act on Headline News. 


Rep. Taylor Recognized as the Congressional Legislator of the Year 

Rep. Taylor accepted the Congressional Legislator of the Year plaque from MG John P. McLaren

Last week, I had the honor of being recognized as the Congressional Legislator of the Year by MG John P. McLaren, President of the Hampton Roads Chapter, Military Officer's Association of America (MOAA). The MOAA represents the interests of active duty and retired military officers, while also supporting a strong national defense. This remains especially essential to many constituents in the second district of Virginia. I want to thank the MOAA for all of their support for the military members and veterans in Hampton Roads. 

House Passes Defense Funding for Fiscal Year 2019

On September 26th, the House of Representatives passed an Appropriations 'minibus' funding bill that included the Department of Defense (DoD), Labor, Health, and Human Services (LHHS), and Education Appropriation bills for fiscal year 2019. This also included a short term Continuing Resolution (CR) to temporarily fund remaining government programs until December 7, 2018. 

This piece of legislation provides a total of $674.4 billion for Defense in areas of Military Personnel and Pay, Operation and Maintenance, Research and Development, and Equipment Procurement. More funding details can be found here

This is the first time in over 10 years that Congress has passed an appropriations bull funding the Department of Defense before the end of the fiscal year. This is an important step toward returning to regular order and passing funding bills on time. These funds will support our military readiness by providing the weapons, platforms, and equipment our military needs to do their jobs and prepare for future fights. It also gives our troops access to vital training and a long overdue pay raise - the largest in almost a decade. Our service members deserve our support, which is why I proudly support this legislation that will help them carry out their mission. 

Rep. Taylor's Staff Attends Peninsula READS Event

On September 18, members of my district staff attended the Rise & Shine for Literacy Breakfast hosted by Peninsula READS. Peninsula READS is a non-profit community literacy program that provides tutoring services in the subjects of reading, writing, and math for adults in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and York County. My staff had the opportunity to hear from the Peninsula READS President, Executive Director of Research, and Executive Director, as well as a testimonial from a participant. This event allowed for my staff to learn more about how we can better engage in programs that promote education within our communities and across the country. 

Rep. Taylor's Staff Attends the Foodbank Bus Tour

District staff member, Jaquelyn Murray, met with Foodbank staff and volunteers to discuss their local work

This past week, my district staff members attended the Foodbank Bus Tour, hosted by the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore at their Norfolk headquarters. My staff had the chance to meet with Hampton Roads organizations that work with the Foodbank, along with the staff and volunteers. They learned about the Foodbank's work with providing meals to those in need in order to achieve a hunger-free community. The Foodbank teams with local organizations to collect and deliver food, clothing, and other products to those in need. 

Rep. Taylor's Staff Attends the Women's Business Conference 

District staff member Jaquelyn Murray with local women leaders at the Women's Business Conference 

On September 20th, members of my staff had the privilege of attending the Women's Business Conference hosted by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. Women from many different industries attended the conference to hear from local business leaders about their paths to success and advice on best practices for their businesses. My staff had the opportunity to hear from keynote speaker Michelle Moore and attend smaller group sessions to discuss leadership, employment, and success within the business community. 

Rep. Taylor Receives the Guardian of Small Business Award 

Rep. Taylor receives the Guardian of Small Business Award from the NFIB

I had the privilege of accepting the Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for my voting record of supporting American businesses. The NFIB, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, advocates for small businesses across the United States.  The organization represents issues that affect small businesses, including taxes, healthcare, and federal regulations. The NFIB works closely with elected officials, like myself, to voice their support for legislation that will better allow for small businesses across the nation to thrive and succeed.


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