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Dear Friend,

From standing up for our Gold Star families to pushing for critical infrastructure projects, it was another busy week in Washington! Here is a recap of my week.



Urging Senator McConnell to Hold a Vote on a Bill to Help Gold Star Families


On Thursday, I sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, telling him to bring the SECURE Act for a vote on the Senate Floor.


Gold Star Families are immediate relatives of servicemembers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The SECURE Act contains an important provision that I introduced to provide relief to Gold Star Families that experienced drastic tax increases due to President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.


It is wrong that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act caused Gold Star Families to see a tax hike. The House did its job when it passed the SECURE Act with overwhelming support. Senator McConnell must stop stalling support America's most heroic families and schedule a vote for the SECURE Act now.



Introducing Legislation to Help the Victims of May 31's Tragedy


Last week, I introduced the Virginia Beach Strong Act to help ensure donations to families of victims of the May 31 Virginia Beach mass shooting are tax-deductible. 

On May 31, our Virginia Beach community experienced an unspeakable tragedy that led to the loss of 12 wonderful people. In the wake of our community's darkest day, we saw countless selfless people donate to provide relief for grieving families. 

I am introducing this bipartisan and bicameral bill to make it easier to send more needed support to the grieving families.



Sending a Message to Congress: Fund Critical Defense Infrastructure Projects


I led a bipartisan letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, urging them to authorize critical funding for infrastructure projects in military communities. Our letter requested that the committees authorize the Defense Community Infrastructure Program (DCIP) at $100 million

Last year Congress created the DCIP to assist state and local governments in tackling deficiencies in infrastructure. Unfortunately, Congress did not appropriate any funds to this program. DCIP grants can be used for projects that support military installations, but are outside of military installations. Examples include transportation development to ease traffic congestion and upgrades to hospitals, schools, utilities and more. 

As a Navy veteran representing Hampton Roads, I know our military communities desperately need funding for infrastructure projects to promote readiness. The DCIP is a critical and overdue investment for our country. These projects are vitally important to the strength of our national security infrastructure and to the welfare of our servicemembers and their families.



Upholding My Oath


On a very sad day for our democracy, I called for the House to move forward with impeachment and issued the following statement:

In the military and in Congress, I swore an oath to protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. In recent days, credible information has emerged that President Trump sought to pressure a foreign government — Ukraine — to produce damning information on a political opponent. Furthermore, reporting suggests he threatened to withhold critical security assistance to Ukraine, a partner that is under direct assault from Russia, in exchange for the performance of this investigation. He put the foreign policy and national security of the United States at risk while doing so. This was clearly an attempt to leverage foreign involvement to bolster his reelection campaign and shows a total disregard for our democratic political process. It is clear to me that he has betrayed the public trust and abandoned his obligations to the Constitution by elevating his own interests over the national interest. Allegations of this gross misconduct meet the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors set by the Constitution. Congress must investigate and use the full extent of its powers to check these alleged abuses of presidential power. The House must move forward with impeachment.


Throughout my career, I have made many hard decisions. You sent me here to make these choices and to do what's right for our nation.


Photo Contest Winner


I am pleased to announce the winning submission of our VA-02 Summer Photo Contest. Below is a beautiful snapshot of Mount Trashmore that caught my eye.



Mount Trashmore is a unique Virginia Beach landmark that our community knows and loves. This photo captures a beautiful and especially picturesque day in VA-02. It hits all the right marks and more!




It was great to meet Patrick Dempsey at the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program and to congratulate him on his great work for supporting families and caregivers fighting cancer.




I am glad to share the stage at the Atlantic Festival with my friends, Congresswomen Chrissy Houlahan and Abigail Spanberger! It’s a privilege to serve with fellow women veterans and national security professionals in Congress.



ImageIt was a pleasure to speak with Gold Star Families ahead of Gold Star Mother’s Day at The Library of Congress with my colleagues. We thank you for your service, your sacrifice. I’m advocating for you in Congress every day!


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I enjoyed telling you about my week and I look forward to telling you about many more! Please follow my official Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out our website.


I hope that you will take some time to read the news articles below. 

It’s the honor of my lifetime to serve you and Virginia’s Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. As always, you have my word that I will continue working hard each day, and I welcome your thoughts!




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