District Update |December 22, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

After a busy year, we hope that everyone has a very peaceful and blessed holiday week spent with family and friends.

Joyce and I wish everyone celebrating the start of the Festival of Lights this evening a very Happy Hanukkah! During these eight days of celebration with family, we hope you are brought love, peace, and happiness. 


We would also like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We are excited to continue our Christmas traditions with Olivia this year and take time to celebrate with our friends and family.  


Before all of the celebrating starts, here is a look back on this week. 

USMCA Passed the House


I was proud to finally vote 'yes' on the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement. We have worked tirelessly to get this modernized trade agreement across the finish line, and while it took longer than we all expected, I am pleased to see the USMCA finally be passed to help strengthen our trading relationships across North America.

Arizona knows the importance of trade with its neighbors. We are expecting many improvements including strengthening our cross-border trade, creating better protections for intellectual property, and small business friendly de minimis thresholds.  

I look forward to seeing the benefits of this trade agreement being implemented and moving on to the next policy proposal that will help further grow our economy. 

To watch me speak on the House floor prior to the vote, click here

My Statement on Impeachment

Our founding fathers never intended for impeachment to be used as a political tool. Last Wednesday, the bipartisan vote against impeachment reconfirmed my colleagues across the aisle are unwilling to listen to the majority of Americans, and instead pursued impeachment based on their distaste for the President. Since President Trump was elected into office, the Democrats have worked tirelessly investigating him, neglecting precious time to work for the American people.

Although we saw this day coming for quite some time, I am saddened our country has been put through this partisan and political impeachment process that has resulted in no evidence of President Trump committing ‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.’

The articles of impeachment presented before the House were an abuse of power and this entire process has set a dangerous precedent for future presidencies. I am committed to preserving our nation’s system of checks and balances, however, these impeachment articles are partisan attempts to remove a rightfully elected president and not honest attempts to preserve our democracy

Federal Casework Assistance

Before 2019 ends, we wanted to remind you of the constituent services our office can provide. Our Scottsdale office receives requests each day from constituents regarding federal casework assistance. This assistance is one of the most important resources we can provide for constituents. 

On our website you will find a list of the federal agencies we can help assist constituents contacting. Please always feel welcome to give us a call for any questions or issues regarding federal casework assistance. We are here to help!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my weekly E-Newsletter. If you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to browse my website for the different services our office can help you with.




                                                                           David Schweikert

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