District Update |December 15, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

Congress is now entering the last few days of this year to accomplish the promises we have made. As we enter these final days of 2019, here is a review of the work done this week for AZ-06. 

USMCA is Coming to Town


We have been working for over a year to move this modernized trade agreement across the finish line. While bipartisan support for this agreement has been in place for many months, I am pleased to see Speaker Pelosi will finally allow this job creating agreement to come to the House Floor for a vote. Every day we delayed this vote only cost us more American jobs, the ability to sell American products into neighboring countries, and a stronger economy. 

Arizona knows the importance of cross-border trade, particularly with Mexico, our state’s largest trading partner. This agreement will ensure our manufacturers are being supported, our border is being provided much needed resources necessary to protect our environment and will support the over 228,300 jobs supported by trade  in our state.

This trade agreement is a win for all Americans, and I look forward to seeing this be implemented for all industries who have long looked to further their success in our booming economy

Social Security Scam Calls

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has been made aware of thousands of Arizonans receiving scam calls regarding problems with taxpayers accounts and the need for information. 

If you receive a call stating there is a problem with your Social Security account or number, follow this steps: 

     1. HANG up your phone

     2. DO NOT provide the caller with access to bank accounts or your personal information 

     3. REPORT the call to the Social Security Administration

The SSA will always issue written correspondence about any account problems or discrepancies. If you have any further questions, please always feel welcome to reach out to our Scottsdale Office at (480) 946-2411.  

Partisanship for Prescription Drugs


This week’s floor activity focused on the dangerous price importation model embedded in Nancy Pelosi’s partisan drug pricing plan, HR 3. I joined general debate with my colleagues to explain my opposition to this plan.  

My Democratic colleagues want to assign a value to lives that would stop close to 100 innovative cures being developed. Everyone agrees that we need to fight for lower drug costs but allowing government to control the value of your health while reducing incentives for vital research funding is not the answer.

The Republican’s offered a bipartisan solution, H.R. 19, that was supported by several Democrats. We worked together the last 6 months to create this bipartisan legislation that could come into law today, however my Democratic colleagues voted it down. To watch me explain the harmful effects of the Democrat’s proposal, click the photo above.

Constituent Spotlight 


We had the pleasure of welcoming Arita, an AZ-06 constituent, into our office this week to hear her story. Arita has a very rare liver disease that has severely affected her health. However, she has never let it stand in the way of her pursuing her dreams. While overcoming the disease, Arita was able to play lacrosse at Stanford University and is now pursuing her Master's Degree there. 

We discussed the technology disruptions we are seeing right now in healthcare and the importance of investing in curative drugs to help save our brothers and sisters with lifelong conditions. 

Arita also has taken an interest in Valley Fever and what work we can be doing to help cure this disease. We also discussed the FORWARD Act, legislation that I have introduced this Congress to help finance research for a cure. 

Thank you for coming in to share your inspiring story, Arita. Your positive attitude and passion to help others in inspiring. 

Wreaths Across America


Our staff joined Arizonans at the annual Wreaths Across America to honor our fallen military members. The event was held at the Arizona National Memorial Cemetery this year and had a great turn out. 

Thank you to all of our military members and family for your dedication to our country. We must always honor our military and remember the fallen who did not return home in the fight to keep our nation safe. God bless. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read my weekly E-Newsletter. If you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to browse my website for the different services our office can help you with.



                                                                      David Schweikert

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