District Update |November 17, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

We want to thank all of the constituents who call into our office each day. I joined our staff in between committee hearings and meetings to answer some calls this past week too. Please always feel welcome to give our Scottsdale or Washington, D.C. offices a call. We are here to help and its always great to hear from our AZ-06 constituents. 


Our Economic Outlook


We heard from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in the Joint Economic Committee's Hearing to discuss our "Economic Outlook" this week. 

I asked him to elaborate on how our economy is in a "sweet-spot" and asked him how we can keep it that way. He mentioned our 50-year low unemployment, wages overall are going up, and our labor force participation is high.

To continue on this path, he said we must properly address the opioid crisis, providing skills training and internships for jobs, and find ways to get younger, prime-aged workers into our economy.

To listen to my full discussion with Chairman Powell click the photo above.

Working for Aging Americans


Our demographics are rapidly changing. As our society grows older, we must provide access to creative technologies and innovative solutions to improve the well-being of our seniors.

During the Ways and Means Committee hearing held this week on how we can help aging Americans, I discussed with the panel how we can provide incentives for older individuals to stay in our labor force, or how we can change the way we provide care for Americans who want to stay at home longer before entering long-term care. 

Click the photo above to watch me speak during the hearing at: 2:32:55

How We Can Keep Our Promises


Congress is continuing to squander precious time. This week we have focused solely on impeachment, continuing to push off USMCA, continuing to push off how we incorporate innovative technology into our healthcare and energy policy, and continuing to push off how we address the financial burden we are leaving for our children.

I spoke on the House floor about how we should address the issues that we aren't seeing be discussed in the media and my intense frustration with this body's lack of accountability for how we are going to keep our promises.

Click the photo above to watch my full speech. 

Pinnacle High School Comes to Washington, D.C!


We received a visit from Pinnacle High School students in Washington, D.C. here for a class trip. It was great to speak with these students outside of the Capitol and discuss what we are working on in Washington, D.C. for Arizonans. 

I hope each of these students had a great experience while visiting Washington. We could all agree these cold temperatures make us realize just how much we love living in the great state of Arizona.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my weekly E-Newsletter. If you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to browse my website for the different services our office can help you with. 




                                                                           David Schweikert

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