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Dear Friends,

We all know our nation is on a dangerous path.  Last weekend, our nation encountered the worst terrorist attack since September 11th.  We have millions living in poverty and relying on government programs because they are incentivized to do so.  For the last 7 years we have had a President that has ignored his Constitutional authority in order to pass executive order after executive order – many of which are unconstitutional in nature.  Our economy is struggling to grow and create jobs due to the heavy hand of the federal government.  And, we have millions of Americans who have seen their healthcare costs skyrocket because of the President’s healthcare law, which was jammed through Congress during his first 2 years when he had a super majority in the Senate and House.

Over the last several months, House Republicans have been working on a full slate of ideas to address the biggest challenges our nation faces, including strengthening our national security, expanding opportunities to lift people out of poverty, reducing the cost and complexities of government regulations, reforming our tax code and replacing Obamacare with an affordable and patient-centered approach.  

Through the collaboration and input of House Republicans, we have developed a framework of ideas that look to the future.  Our plan, referred to as ‘A Better Way,’ is our vision for a confident America – one that is strong not only at home but also abroad.

Just last week, we released our ideas to keep our country safe from harm and expand opportunities to lift Americans out of poverty.  

“A Better Way to Fight Poverty”

Our plan contains at least 41 ideas to fight poverty by encouraging work, expanding opportunity and increasing government accountability.

For far too long, Washington has overpromised and under delivered for our poor.  Instead of expanding opportunities for individuals to harness skills, gain employment and earn money, their potential has been handicapped by shuffling them from welfare program to welfare program.  This has resulted in a system that discourages work and created a cycle of dependence.

The vast majority of Americans (89 percent) agree that welfare should be tied to work.  Under our plan, those who are capable of working will be expected to either work or prepare for work.  In fact, states that have established stronger work requirements for those receiving welfare saw employment rates for single mothers increase by 15 percent. 

The goal of our framework is to get more people working so that they are able to break free from government dependence.  “A Better Way to Fight Poverty” incorporates stronger work requirements by requiring states to connect more people with good jobs, deliver better access to job training, provide skills development training for non-custodial parents and encourage work-capable adults who receive food stamps to work or prepare for work.

The plan also reforms the welfare systems one-size-fits-all approach by allowing states the flexibility to repackage benefits based off of one’s needs in order to help them achieve success.  For example, people receiving benefits will have greater portability with housing assistance so that they can move to areas with more jobs and opportunities.

In an effort to protect the next generation from poverty, our plan focuses on improving schools and skills from early childhood development through college – especially focusing on at-risk youth.  The plan also reforms child nutrition programs to help those in rural and low-income areas.

Nearly 9.6 million households in America do not have bank accounts.  Unfortunately, the tools to save and prepare for the future remain out of reach for many Americans.  “A Better Way to Fight Poverty” will make it easier for individuals and their families to plan for the future and be retirement-ready.

Bottom line – our plan reverses the mentality of our welfare system to reward work, tailor benefits to people’s needs, improve job skills, invest in education and encourage individuals to plan and save for the future while demanding accountability and results.

“A Better Way to Fight Poverty” doesn’t cut or increase spending on the poor by a penny.  

It will help move individuals from welfare to work and save billions of taxpayer dollars in the long-term.

For more on our plan to fight poverty and encourage opportunity, please click here.

“A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free”

This past weekend, our homeland experienced the worst domestic terrorist attack since September 11th.  Now, more than ever, we need a comprehensive plan to prevent and defeat radical Islamic extremists.  It is clear that the President’s foreign policy is failing us at every turn.  

Our nation cannot continue to lead from behind.  Our enemies no longer respect or fear us and our allies no longer trust us.  We must reassert ourselves on the national stage, do everything necessary to protect our homeland from radical Islamic terrorists, and take the fight to the enemy.

“A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free” includes 67 recommendations for Congress and a like-minded President who understands the realities of this dangerous world.

The most important goal of our plan is to keep Americans safe from harm.  In order to prevent further terrorist attacks on American soil, we have put forth measures to secure our borders, close security gaps in our transportation and immigration systems, strengthen requirements for those wishing to enter our country and increase our engagement within communities to prevent Americans from being recruited by Islamist extremists.

As a nation of laws, our plan insists that everyone comes here legally and maintain legal status.  We also accelerate the deployment of fencing, technology, air assets and personnel at the border.

“A Better Way to Keep Us Safe and Free” seeks to reverse the momentum gained by radical Islamic groups under this Administration by providing our law enforcement officers, service members, intelligence professionals and diplomats with the tools to tackle the threats of our time and beyond. 

For more on our plan to keep our nation safe at home and abroad, please click here.

Rouzer to host Seniors Resource Fairs in Brunswick, New Hanover and Johnston County

My office will be hosting three resource fairs for senior citizens to help answer questions many seniors have about benefits, legal matters, healthcare needs, and more.  These resource fairs will be taking place in Brunswick County, New Hanover County and Johnston County.

Staff from the Social Security Administration will be on hand to go over benefits and services offered, nurses will discuss healthcare matters, knowledgeable individuals will be on hand to provide information on various Medicare programs, such as Medicare Part D, as well as counselors to answer other specific questions.

Our senior resource fairs put North Carolina senior citizens in touch with individuals and experts who can educate and answer questions about benefits, resources, legal matters, health tips and more.  Last year’s fairs were so well attended that we decided to add a third resource fair to help and assist even more citizens.  I look forward to continuing these resource fairs so that seniors have the opportunity to improve their quality of life, stay engaged in their communities and learn more about what to expect during their golden years.


Brunswick County

WHERE:  Brunswick Senior Resources Southport Senior Center

WHEN: Tuesday, June 28th from 10:00 a.m. to Noon

New Hanover County

WHERE:  New Hanover County Senior Resource Center

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29th from 10:00 a.m. to Noon

Johnston County

WHERE:  Johnston Medical Mall

WHEN: Thursday, June 30th from 10:00 a.m. to Noon 


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