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I wanted to make you aware of the policy work I am doing while in Washington. We are working to ensure there are not any cures lost in our drug pricing proposals, working to help combat the youth vaping epidemic, and working to ensure Arizona's trade is continuing to thrive while fighting for passage of the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement. 

Below you will find a review of the work I did while in Washington, D.C. this past week. 

Protecting our Pets


I am proud to have been a co-sponsor of the Protecting Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, or the PACT Act. This legislation passed the House and will protect animals from inhumane treatment and punish those who choose to exhibit such repulsive acts. 

During my time in Congress I have worked to ensure animals are protected from inhumane treatment, and I am pleased to see this legislation take a previous law one step further to protect our animals. 

Working to Prevent Youth Vaping 


This week the Ways and Means Committee held a hearing to discuss legislation focused on taxing vaping products, such as electronic cigarettes, at the same rate as tobacco cigarettes. This legislation would not tax the vape itself, but the nicotine.

After several hours in committee on this legislation, I shared my concerns that only taxing the nicotine is a very limited solution to a much broader problem of youths vaping. More comprehensive efforts are needed to limit youth vaping and to address the risks of other dangerous drugs being substituted in the place of nicotine in these pods. The Wall Street Journal found that "Majority of Vaping-Related Illnesses Involve THC Products." Adding a tax to the nicotine will not prevent other dangerous drugs from being used in vapes. 

I think we should be focusing our policy to help provide resources for teens to learn how avoid these dangerous substances and to quit vaping, instead of adding a tax to these products. We found this website associated with the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Smokefree initiative. which provides resources for teens looking to quit vaping and stay vape-free. 

We also found a free text-message program, made from input from teens, college students, and young adults who have attempted to, or successfully, quit vaping. I look forward to continue to work with my colleagues to help combat the youth vaping epidemic. To watch the hearing we had in the Ways and Means Committee, click here

Securing Cross-Border Trade

I sent a letter with Members of the Arizona Delegation to the International Trade Commission highlighting the importance of cross-border trade for tomatoes to the economy of Arizona.

Arizona’s relationship with neighbor Mexico supports thousands of jobs across the state and is a driver of our economic growth. I am pleased to see the Arizona delegation stay consistent in working together to protect our cross-border trading relationships and Arizona jobs from harmful trade restrictions

The full letter sent to the International Trade Commission can be found here


We all know that trade largely benefits Arizona. The Arizona-Mexico Commission put together district specific graphics to show the number of jobs benefited by trade with Canada and Mexico in each Congressional District. 

Passage of the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement is long overdue. We all know the importance of trade with our neighbors and this agreement will bring to our economy. 

For more information about the benefits passage of the USMCA will bring, click here

Safeguarding Innovation to Protect Cures


The Ways and Means Committee met this week to make final adjustments to H.R. 3, Speaker Pelosi's Drug Pricing Plan. I offered amendments during the markup which seek to improve medication adherence and to examine alternative payment models for disruptive healthcare therapies and innovation. 

Republicans on the Committee offered twenty-six bipartisan amendments to ensure H.R. 3 does not create fewer cures or stifle innovation. None of these bipartisan amendments were adopted by the Committee. 

The Government should not be deciding to support some cures for illnesses over others. The positive health benefits and cost savings for families by curing a disease is extremely powerful. I urge my colleagues to reconsider working to include the amendments offered by my Republican colleagues and ensure while we are working to lower drug costs we are financing innovative healthcare policy. 

Constituent Casework Spotlight

Our office helped a Scottsdale family by requesting expedited processing of a constituent's application for a travel document. We contacted the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) with necessary documentation in support of the constituent's need for urgent travel back to her home country due to a financial hardship. Both the request and application were approved, and the constituent was able to travel.

If you are ever experiencing difficulties communicating with a Federal Agency, please feel welcome to contact our Scottsdale office for help. We have staff available and ready to assist constituents with their casework issues every day. Call us at (480) 946-2411.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my weekly E-Newsletter. If you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to browse my website for the different services our office can help you with.


                                                                           David Schweikert

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