District Update |October 6, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

On Friday we received incredible news for our economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing our unemployment rate has dropped by 0.2% to 3.5% in September, and 136,000 jobs were added into our economy. 


The unemployment rate for September scored a 50-year low and we continued to add hundreds of thousands of jobs into our economy. 

We have reason to be hopeful with the numbers presented for job growth they could be revised higher, as the previous months have shown positive growth revisions. The Jobs Report also reported "discouraged workers and the underemployed also fell, 0.3% to 6.9%, matching its lowest in nearly 19 years and just off the all time low is 6.8%."

I look forward to each month's Jobs Reports because it shows how the pro-growth policies put in place during 2017 and 2018 are proving to create a strong economy. Now, we must continue to develop pro-growth policies, like the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement, so we can continue to see recording breaking data for our economy. 

Speaking with Desert Mountain Students


I have had the opportunity to meet with students all across AZ-06 this year. This past week, I had the pleasure to meet with Desert Mountain High School students and hear their thoughts on current events and their career aspirations. 

These students are some of our future leaders, and have very bright careers ahead. Thank you to all of the Arizona teachers helping to shape these young men and women's future!

Lifetime Achievement Award


I had the chance to recognize Dr. CT Wright, from Fountain Hills, for the work he has done on behalf of others in our community.

Dr. Wright is a lifelong public servant. He has earned gubernatorial appointments, served on the Fountain Hills School Board, been a leader at the Light of Hope Ministry and Institute providing aid to students through his Social Circles of Justice Student Support Fund.

We honored Dr. Wright with a Lifetime Achievement Award for being a pillar of our community. Thank you, Dr. Wright, for all of your work to make our a community better place.

Congressional Recognition


We recognized Don Bergem with a Congressional Recognition for his tireless work as Head of Security at the Beatitudes Campus. During his career, he has gone above and beyond his job duties to ensure residents are kept safe and always have a smile on their face.

Most recently, he helped save a resident from a stove fire without hesitation. He has always ensured there are no trespassers on the property, and will do anything to make sure residents are happy.

If you would like to nominate other individuals or businesses like Mr. Bergem in our community for their selfless work to help others, use this link to complete a form on our website. 

Service Academy Nominations


Applications for a U.S. Service Academy Nomination are closing this Friday at 5 PM. If you know an student interested in applying for a Congressional nomination, be sure to let them know the deadline is fast approaching!

All application requirements can be found here, on our website. If you have any additional questions about the application process, please feel welcome to reach out to the Scottsdale Office at (480) 946-2411. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read my weekly E-Newsletter. If you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to browse my website for the different services our office can help you with.



                                                                                     David Schweikert

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