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August 6, 2014

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Last week I stood up and urged Congress to stay in session to address pressing issues and I continued to stand up for a bipartisan solution to fix the issues at the VA. I also led an effort to increase funding for fighting wildfires and introduced a bill to help small businesses.

Leading the way to fix the VA

Over the past several months I have pushed Congress to find a bipartisan solution to the failures at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Finally, a deal was reached and our veterans will soon have more access to care and we can begin to end the culture of complacency that has plagued the VA. There is still a lot of work to do but this is a positive step forward. To see my speech from the House of Representatives advocating for San Diego veterans, click the image below. 



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Pass comprehensive immigration reform
Pass legislation to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work
Provide funding to protect communities from wildfires
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Keep Congress in Session, Address Pressing Issues

There are only ten legislative days left before the government runs out of money, and there continue to be pressing issues facing Congress. I led 71 other members of Congress in urging Speaker Boehner not to send Congress home for five weeks until we properly fund the government to prevent a shutdown, help communities pay for wildfire recovery, pass comprehensive immigration reform, and protect voting rights. Read the Times of San Diego article about my effort by clicking here.  

Demanding a Vote on Wildfire Funds

Recently, I led a charge demanding a vote on the “Wildfire Disaster Funding Act,” a bipartisan bill to ensure that states and communities have the funding they need to fight wildfires over the next few months. Currently, the federal government borrows money intended to prevent fires and uses it to fight them. As we face longer wildfire seasons we need to be working to both prevent wildfires and help people recover from them when they occur.  

Rep. Peters is joined by congressional colleagues at a press conference on the need to vote on wildfire relief funding 

Bill to Help Small Businesses

Recently, I introduced legislation to simplify, streamline, and digitize the registration process for small businesses to be eligible to contract with the federal government. Every American knows the Federal Government should be more technologically advanced and easier to engage. Currently there are roughly 80 steps necessary for businesses to become eligible for federal contracts, a process that can take months and puts small companies at a distinct disadvantage. As we find ways to bring the government into the 21st century technologically, this bill will open the door to new business opportunities for hundreds of small businesses in San Diego. 

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