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Dear Friend,

We come together this weekend to remember—and to honor—the service and sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

All over the world – from Normandy to Korea to Vietnam, in operations in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan—America’s sons and daughters have shed blood and given their lives in the fight to defend our shared values of freedom and democracy around the globe.

Like many others, my own family has answered the call to service. My uncle saw combat in the Vietnam War and my brother served as a Marine. Whenever our government sends troops into combat, I never forget the lives at risk. I am committed to ensuring that lives are not put needlessly in harm’s way, and when they return home, our veterans are treated with dignity and respect.

For me – Memorial Day is about remembering that we should never take our freedoms for granted. It is the time to remember the brave men and women who laid down their lives for us. So, as we all enjoy time spent with our families and friends, let’s remember our fallen heroes and the values they sacrificed their lives for – the idea of one nation – under God – with liberty and justice for all.

I wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day.


Linda T. Sánchez
Member of Congress

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Protecting Service Members' Credit

Soon, I will introduce legislation that would require credit reporting agencies to contact deployed service members and alert them of any adverse action on their credit report, such as a missed payment. The bill would also provide potential creditors a more complete picture of the service members credit history, indicating if a service member missed a payment during deployment. No one should tarnish their credit while defending our country, and this legislation helps give the brave men and women who serve our country financial security and peace of mind. 



Hawaiian Gardens

8:00 AM

Hawaiian Gardens City Hall
La Palma

9:15 AM

La Palma Civic Center

9:00 AM

Whittier City Hall

10:00 AM

Cerritos Civic Center

Pico Rivera

10:00 AM

Pico Rivera Library


11:00 AM

Montebello City Park

11:00 AM

Norwalk City Hall


11:00 AM

Del Valle Park

South El Monte

11:00 AM

South El Monte City Hall


4:30 PM

Artesia Park Veterans Memorial


You Are Invited to Attend



Always Here to Help
I am always available to help you with any federal matter. Please contact me if you need help with a federal issue, such as Medicare or federal agencies including the Social Security Administration or the Department of Veterans Affairs, would like to order a flag, are requesting tours and tickets for a visit to Washington, DC, or are considering applying to a military academy.

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