District Update |August 25, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

Today, we honor the one-year anniversary since Senator John McCain's passing. We reflect on Senator McCain’s love for his country, his fight for this country in war, and his passion for greatness. Thank you to the McCain family for sharing him with us, may he Rest In Peace. 

I would now like to take this opportunity to update you on the work I did this week in Arizona. 

Valley Fever Roundtable


We hosted a roundtable with Congressman Greg Stanton from Arizona's 9th District to create an open discussion on how we can raise awareness, have better detection of the disease, and to discuss treatment or a possible cure for Valley Fever.  There is no cure or preventative vaccine currently in existence for Valley Fever, but medical professionals are cautiously optimistic about a drug called Nikkomycin Z, which has been studied in small safety trials and could become an option for treatment. 

We heard from many different voices including patients, advocates, and doctors who are all working to spread awareness about Valley Fever and how we can help doctors in Arizona diagnose this disease first-hand. Working to provide funding for research and a potential cure has been one of my top priorities as a Member of Congress. We have introduced legislation called the FORWARD Act which seeks to provide increased funding for research and a long-term cure for Valley Fever patients. Now, we must get the legislation passed and signed into law.

I held a Facebook Live during the roundtable to record our discussion. Click here to watch the video posted to my Facebook page. If you have not liked my page to receive additional updates from me, be sure to do so. 

How to Stop Robotexting


I have been reading articles recently discussing robotexting and the tips to help end these spam messages from reaching your phone. I wanted to share this article which details the different types of messages you may receive and believe to be real, along with six ways to help stop these spam messages from coming through to you. 

Congressional Start Up Week

I joined Seed Spot during Congressional Start Up Week to meet with a new entrepreneur and learn about the barriers Arizona-based entrepreneurs face.  We discussed the different barriers to entry, and how our community can help new businesses succeed. Starting a new business venture is no easy task, and can often be challenging with the different road blocks to acquiring information or capital needed to start from the ground up. 

Arizona has been a great place for businesses to grow, and I am pleased to see the work Seed Spot is doing to help new entrepreneurs get their bearings straight and learn about how they can create a future of success. 

1.1 Million Fentanyl Pills Seized


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released data this week reporting 1.1 million fentanyl pills have been seized in Arizona this fiscal year. These deadly pills are out in our communities, and were found in local high schools last year. The photo above shows pills called "Mexican Oxy" which are fentanyl pills being disguised as Oxycodon. 

These pills are a part of the crisis Border Patrol officials face, as they are coming in through our border and being dispersed throughout Arizona. Everyone must be aware of these pills, and how they can be disguised as non-lethal pills. 

Thank you to all of the DEA officials working to help seize these dangerous drugs. To learn more, read this article

Constituent Office Meetings


This August we have met with so many different constituents and local groups. It is  great to have these meetings while in Arizona and catch up on how our local community is doing and how our office can be helpful. Thank you to each of the groups for coming to my office this August to meet. 

I appreciate you taking time to read my weekly e-newsletter. If you would like to contact me, please feel welcome to browse my website for the different services our office can help you with. 



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