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Voting NO on Impeaching President Trump

Dear Friend,

I've said many times before: Nothing in President Trump's call rose to the level of high crimes or misdemeanors worthy of impeachment. I voted NO on impeachment today because this process has been unfair, secretive, politically-motivated from the start.

We need to tackle our growing federal debt, fix our broken immigration system, protect Social Security and Medicare, reform our healthcare system and modernize our infrastructure. We need to deliver to the American people what we promised — but we haven't been able to do this because we have been so distracted by impeachment.This has been the Democrats' priority since the 2016 election. 

It's time we tackle the major issues facing our nation. I hope that tomorrow we can finally put this partisan, divisive chapter behind us and finally get to work for the American people. 

America leads when we're at our best ⁠— and this isn't America at its best.

Click below to watch my remarks on impeachment today on the House floor: 


In Service,


Michael Waltz

Member of Congress

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