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News from Representative Zinke


A lot has been happening in Washington the past few weeks so I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of the progress. 

Last week, Congress voted for a temporary budget to keep the government funded through December 10th. While the budget bill was far from perfect, it kept the government operating for the people of Montana. In the coming weeks, I'll be working with anyone who is willing to work with me in order to cut spending, reduce the debt and deficit, ensure a strong national defense, and get government out of your personal and private lives. 

The House also passed the 2016 defense budget, also known as the NDAA. In addition to a pay raise for our troops and childcare for military moms and dads, this year’s defense budget also includes important pieces for Montana, like bolstering the mission at Malmstrom with the Tactical Response Force Alert Facility and updating our nuclear capabilities. I’m also very happy to see my provision, the SEMPER FI Act, was included to address the security vulnerabilities at military recruitment centers so the tragedy that happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is never repeated.

As your Representative in the House, staying accountable to you is a top priority of mine. That's why I'm hitting the road the week of October 12th and stopping in Browning, Cut Bank, Shelby, Chester, Glasgow, Culbertson, Bainville, Sidney, Glendive, Miles City, Baker and Colstrip. I'll travel more than 1,000 miles and host 11 public events along the way. I'd love to see you there and hear about your concerns and ideas about how to make Washington better work for you. Contact my Billings office at 406-969-1736 with questions. 



8:00-8:45AM        Coffee with your Congressman in Browning

                             The Junction Drive In, US Hwy 2 & US Hwy 89


10:00-10:45AM   Coffee with your Congressman in Cut Bank

                            The Village Dining, 601 W. Main St 


12:00-12:45PM   Coffee with your Congressman in Shelby

                            Ringside Ribs, 439 Harding Ave 


2:00-2:45PM     Coffee with your Congressman in Chester

                          Liberty Community & Senior Center, 618 E. Adams Ave.



8:00-8:45AM     Coffee with your Congressman in Glasgow

                          Farm Equipment Sales, 54275 Hwy 2E                         


12:30-1:15PM   Coffee with your Congressman in Culbertson

                          Me Too Pizza, 103 6th St E


2:00-2:45PM     Coffee with your Congressman in Bainville

                          The Welcome Stop, Hwy 2, 209 N. Clinton St. 



8:30-9:15AM     Coffee with your Congressman in Glendive

                          Dawson Community College Gym, 300 College Dr


11:30-12:15      Coffee with your Congressman in Baker

                          Basement at Fallon County Library, 610 W. Fallon Ave


2:30-3:30PM     Coffee with your Congressman in Miles City

                          USDA Fort Keogh, 243 Fort Keogh Road


5:00-5:45PM   Coffee with your Congressman in Colstrip

                        City Hall / Council Chambers, 12 Cherry St.


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