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Dear Friend,

Another week of Congressional work is in the books and like always, it was fast and furious. I spoke on the House Floor about the need to prioritize transportation funding and to congratulate St. Cloud Cathedral’s Coach Karn on being named Regional and National Coach of the Year. I also met with different organizations representing Minnesota’s agriculture industry.

You Ask. I’ll Answer

Last week I posted my weekly video highlighting my first six months in Congress. I really appreciate everyone who submitted questions. It is great hearing from my constituents. This week we had a few questions regarding the Student Success Act.


Click here to watch the full video of my remarks.


For more videos or to submit a question of your own, visit



As many of you are likely aware, the Iran deal was announced on Tuesday. I believe that the American people should be extremely concerned by the P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement. You all can rest assured that I will vote against the JCPOA, and to override a veto, if I am not convinced that this deal is in the best interest of the United States. Today, I am not convinced.

It's Time to Audit the Fed

This week, I participated in a hearing with Chair Yellen of the Federal Reserve regarding the state of our economy. I left the hearing not at all convinced that the Chair of the Fed is being honest with the American people. Labor force participation is at a historic low, more than 8 million are out of work, millions more have given up on finding a job, healthcare costs are skyrocketing and retail demand is weaker than expected.

My constituents from  St. Cloud to Albertville and everywhere in between want Washington out of the way if we’re not here to help. Well, I’ve heard you, loud and clear. 

I’m proud to be a cosponsor on the Audit the Fed bill. The American people deserve transparency and the time for this audit is now. 

Calling all Interns 

Do you have a passion for politics? Are you interested in learning all about the legislative process while gaining valuable work experience? Then apply to become one of our fall interns in our Washington D.C. Congressional office! Intern duties include answering phone calls, helping staff with legislative work, and giving constituent tours. Please click here to apply and become a valuable member of our team, or share the information with any college students you know.

The Challenge is Heating Up

This week marks my second week in the Digital Challenge. With your help, I made it into the second phase of the challenge, but the competition is fierce. Those who know me know that I am a competitive guy, so I am asking for your help. Please follow me on Instagram @RepTomEmmer and like my posts and encourage your friends to do the same!



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