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Friday, June 19, 2015 

This week, the Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2015 made its way through the House Committee on Agriculture, bringing it one step closer to a vote on the House floor. At the same time, I have been hearing from individuals and groups from across the nation in support of this common sense legislation that will promote proper forest management techniques, promoting thriving and healthy forests in Arkansas and across the country.

One of the individuals I have heard from in recent weeks is Joe Fox. Joe is the Arkansas State Forester, a consummate professional in the field who sees firsthand the role over-regulation and frivolous lawsuits play in forest fires.

In Joe’s letter to me, he very clearly made the case for why my legislation is so necessary for foresters in the field.

“The USFS (United States Forest Service) works hard to deliver critically needed management on NFS lands, but they are hampered by cumbersome regulations, administrative costs, declining budgets, and the increasingly common practice of ‘fire borrowing,’” he said in a letter.

For those of you not involved in professional forestry, the term “fire borrowing” refers to taking monies from one critical program in order to pay for firefighting in the national forests. It causes the government to rob from Peter to pay Paul and it is not sound policy.

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This week in Washington, I joined my House colleagues in casting votes to repeal the Medical Device Tax and saw the Resilient Federal Forests Act move through the House Committee on Agriculture. Additionally, I joined New Hampshire colleague across the aisle to urge the Environmental Protection Agency to provide clarity for the Biomass industry. This week has also seen many constituents stopping by the office and taking a tour of our nation's Capitol.

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(From left) John Mahaffey, Jayce Reynolds, and Shannon Reynolds of Camden.

Arkansas members of Future Farmers of America

I was honored to speak at the Pink Tomato Festival in Warren last week.

Air Force Academy Appointee Erica Barnett attended the Service Academy Sendoff over the weekend in Hot Springs Village (Pictured with Fourth District Military Affairs Liaison David Witte). Fourth District appointees are Erica Barnett of Magnolia (U.S. Air Force Academy), Keenan Dickson of Pine Bluff (U.S. Military Academy Preparatory School), and Logan Kremer of Scranton (U.S. Naval Academy).

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Bruce Westerman
Member of Congress

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