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Dear Friend,

After a great district work week and a wonderful weekend celebrating Independence Day back in Delano, we were busy back in D.C.

Six Month Anniversary

We hit a big milestone! The first six months of the 114th Congress have been busy and productive both here in Washington and back home in the great state of Minnesota.

We’ve led 10 letters, and signed onto 30 more. I’ve attended nearly 70 committee hearings and between my staff and I have had almost 2,000 meetings. We’ve also been busy with constituent work, answering more than 11,000 constituent letters and closing nearly 100 constituent cases.


Lastly, in just six months, we have held seven town halls, and the participation has been incredible. If you are interested in attending a town hall near you, visit


Click here to watch the full video of my remarks.


For more videos or to submit a question of your own, visit


Student Success Act

This pastweek the House voted on the Student Success Act. Every child should have access to an excellent education, no matter what zip code they call home. Right now the federal government’s involvement in public schools is at an all-time high, but student achievement remains low.

This is why I voted for the Student Success Act, which is a step in the right direction. The federal government should not dominate our education system and by returning power to the local level we are on the path to bettering the future of our education system but making decisions closer to home.

To the Navy

On Wednesday, my son Joe left the comfort of our home to head to recruit training for the U.S. Navy. Like millions of brave and selfless Americans before him, Joe has taken an oath to serve his nation and to protect the freedoms we hold dear. My wife Jacquie and I are so proud of Joe and we are so humbled by his chosen path.


To see my speech, Click Here.


Are You Up For a Challenge?

This week marks the beginning of the House GOP Conference's Digital Challenge. Head over to my instagram to check out my challenge submissions and check out what representing Minnesota's 6th District looks like for me!

As all athletes and sports fans know, we like to win. So be sure to follow me and like or comment and help my office have a successful 2015 Digital Challenge. Plus you may encounter some hilarious pictures in the process.


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