District Update |July 21, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

This week, we celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo mission. Did you know our valley's very own at Motorola crafted the communication equipment needed for astronauts aboard Apollo 11 to communicate 240 thousand miles back to Earth? 

We are so lucky to have so many incredibly talented individuals in Arizona, and our office wants to make sure that each individual or business in AZ-06 is recognized for their service and commitment to our community.  

By visiting my website, you can request a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for someone in AZ-06 who you have seen be a leader in service. There are five different categories of recognition including: Military Service, Educational Achievement, First Responder Recognition, Community Achievement, and Business Achievement. For more information, be sure to check out the Recognitions Page on my website!

Facebook Cover Photo Winner


Congratulations Mr. Kolander! For the next year, your picture from beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona has been chosen to be featured on my Facebook cover photo. 

Thank you to all of the constituents who submitted photos to be featured. There were so many great pictures including some friendly dogs, snowy mountains, and sunsets. After reviewing each of the submissions, it reminded me of how lucky we are to call the Northeast Valley of Arizona our home!

Tax Reform is Working


I joined the House floor this past week to discuss our recent economic data and the incredible growth we are seeing since Tax Reform. Treasury Receipts are up, millions of jobs have been added to the economy, and our communities that were labeled as the "permanent underclass" are seeing wage increases and employment. 

If we want to pay for our promises like Social Security and Medicare, we must continue to dramatically expand our economy. By continuing to draft pro-growth policy and pass pro-trade agreements like the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement (USMCA), we will be able to pay for our promises and see economic prosperity for all economic classes. 

It was great to be back on the House Floor after multiple weeks of late night voting that changed speech availability. To watch the full floor speech, click the photo above. 

Let's Talk About Libra


In recent weeks I have joined my colleagues on the Congressional Blockchain Caucus to discuss Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency. Although I do not sit on the Financial Service Committee, which hosted Facebook this past week to discuss the new coin, I have been paying close attention to how this stable coin will operate. 

I joined Roll Call for an interview about the Congressional Blockchain Caucus and new technologies we are seeing. To watch the full interview, click the photo above. 

USMCA Modernizes Our Trade


I had a great time discussing the USMCA with AZ-06 constituents in the Arizona Manufacturing Council. This modernized trade agreement will help to ensure manufacturers are being supported with an updated agreement. 

If we want to continue our great economic success, we must continue implementing pro-growth and pro-trade policies. Speaker Pelosi should be putting this bipartisan trade deal to the House Floor for a vote so we can support our farmers, manufacturers, and many other businesses that need a strengthened trade agreement.   

Prayer Service for Christians in the Middle East


I am grateful for the opportunity to join in prayer with friends from the Assyrian, Armenian, and other Middle Eastern Christian communities in the U.S. Capitol. I will continue to be a strong supporter of all of our AZ-06 religious communities and look forward to continuing our friendships.

Freedom Fighter Award 


I am honored to be a recipient of the FreedomFighter Award from FreedomWorks. Each year, my friends at FreedomWorks recognize Members of Congress who are dedicated supporters of economic freedom and personal liberty.  Thank you for this award. 

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David Schweikert

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