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Dear Friends, 

The national security threats to our homeland increase by the day.  The biggest danger we face right now is radical Islamic extremists working to enter our country and cause us harm.  I supported the omnibus bill because it not only increases defense funding to provide our military with the necessary resources to keep us safe from harm, but it also closes dangerous loopholes within our visa system that will help prevent terrorists from entering our country. 

Bottom line: Key provisions in this omnibus bill are critical to providing our men and women in uniform with much-needed funding to win the fight against terrorism. 

This year, the US Treasury is projected to bring in $3.5 trillion total in revenue.  The omnibus bill is expected to account for about $1.1 trillion known as discretionary spending with more than half of it dedicated to providing for our national defense, military and border security.  Like you, I am concerned about increased government spending; however, the driving force behind our annual deficits and aggregate debt are mandatory spending programs, which are anticipated to cost $2.8 trillion this year.  In other words, discretionary spending (the Omnibus) accounts for about 30 percent of the budget and mandatory spending plus interest on the debt accounts for almost 70 percent of the total federal budget.   

That’s not to say that I agree with all the provisions in the Omnibus — absolutely not.  There are many discretionary spending programs I would like to cut from government completely.  However, all things have to be considered when casting a vote.  In addition to providing a significant shot in the arm to enhance our military readiness, there are significant policy riders that are major conservative wins including: 

  • Preventing the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo Bay to American soil; 
  • Lifting the crude oil export ban which will strengthen our national security interests making us a major player in the oil market much to the dismay of Putin and the other thugs of the world while adding as much as $170 billion annually to our national gross domestic product (GDP); 
  • Securing stability for our farmers through regulatory relief and other helpful measures; 
  • Blocking the EPA’s overreach by withholding funding for new or expanded programs, putting its appropriations at 2008 levels and its staffing at 1989 levels; 
  • Preventing the IRS from discriminating against and unfairly targeting non-profit conservative groups;
  • Prohibiting taxpayer dollars to fund abortions; and, 
  • Prohibiting gene editing of human embryos and prohibiting funds for creating embryos for research and destroying embryos .

This omnibus accomplishes what I believe is our nation’s top priority – to make sure our military has the necessary funding to win the war on terrorism.  Our country’s economic well-being and national security deserve no less.  

 For more on my thoughts on defeating ISIS, please click here to watch my recent interview with Fox Business. 


This week, the House passed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act to provide families and small businesses with more than $629 billion in tax savings by making permanent important deductions and providing stability on tax rates.  This bill is an important step to rewriting our broken tax code and giving Americans the certainty they need in order to plan for the future and grow their businesses by: 

  • Making permanent section 179 deduction.  This provision will allow Southeastern North Carolina small businesses, farmers and families to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment or software purchased or financed during the tax year;  
  • Providing employers with a tax credit of 20% on wages paid for the time the employee is on active duty; 
  • Protecting taxpayers from IRS abuse by ensuring that IRS employees are following the law and firing employees who targeted taxpayers based off of their personal religious or political beliefs; and, 
  • Imposing a two-year moratorium of the medical device tax mandated by Obamacare to ensure access to medical equipment, especially in rural areas. 


Recently, my amendment to protect Southeastern North Carolinians and small businesses from a recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation passed the House of Representatives.  This amendment was included and passed by way of H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act, a broad energy bill which maximizes America's energy potential, updates and modernizes outdated policies and creates jobs. 

In March of 2015, the EPA published a final rule that established federal standards for the manufacture of wood heaters.  This onerous rule will result in higher production costs for manufactures effectively pricing wood heaters out of the market.  

And, it’s unfortunately no surprise that these new production costs from additional regulations will be passed down to those who consume it. 

Right now, there are more and more households who rely on wood as their primary heating source.  The EPA rule that went into effect last March and the one that my amendment seeks to get rid of will result in higher costs associated with using wood stoves, particularly individuals and families in rural Southeastern North Carolina and America. 

As we head into the winter months, I’m pleased my colleagues on both sides of the aisle came together to pass this common-sense amendment to protect consumers and manufacturers.   

As you know, our nation’s businesses cannot continue to compete and grow while being saddled with new regulations.  And, more importantly, the federal government has no business dictating how consumers heat their homes. 

H.R. 8, which includes my amendment, now awaits consideration by the United States Senate.  Let’s hope the Senate will pass this bill immediately so that we can protect American individuals, families and businesses from yet another burdensome federal regulation. 



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