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We made it through another week once again. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my correspondence and send comments to me. It is an honor to serve Arizona's Fifth Congressional District, and I could not perform my job without the input from my constituents. I'll say it again: we live in the greatest district in the greatest country in the world.

Exploring a New Frontier of Space

Last week on the podcast, I was pleased to be joined by House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Chairman, Lamar Smith, who has been a champion for renewing American space exploration efforts and for cutting needless regulations in the federal government. It has been an honor to serve with him in Congress, and we will miss his leadership when he retires. Click this link or the logo above to listen to our conversation.

Visiting the U.S. Border

This past Friday, I visited the U.S.-Mexico border, making my second trip in four months. Since taking office in January 2017, I have prioritized border security and enforcement of our immigration laws. This is what my constituents expect, and what is necessary to keep them safe from criminally violent illegal aliens. It’s important to travel to the border on a regular basis to understand the challenges our Border Patrol and ICE officers continually face. Special thanks to Border Patrol officer Art Del Cueto for leading the tour on each occasion.

Freedom for Farmers

Since coming to Congress, I have been committed to rolling back overreaching and duplicative government agencies; the ‘Freedom for Farmers Act’ continues this effort. Read MORE about the new bill I introduced last week.

Subpoena Rod Rosenstein

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At the start of last week, I planned to be in Washington, D.C. for an expected committee hearing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. When he did not appear, Congressman Matt Gaetz and I called for him to be subpoenaed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee. The Deputy Attorney General must appear before the committee and provide the transparency that the American people deserve.

Tax Reform Works

The Congressional Budget Office released its latest monthly budget review and proved again that tax reform is working for the American economy. 

  1. Revenue has INCREASED $13 billion in 2018, compared to 2017 (January through September).
  2. "Individual income and payroll (social insurance) taxes together rose by $105 billion (or 4 percent),” and the rise in amounts withheld from workers’ paychecks “largely reflects increases in wages and salaries that were partly offset beginning in February by a decline in the share of income withheld for taxes.”
  3. The fiscal year 2018 deficit "would be about $11 billion SMALLER than the shortfall that CBO projected in its May 2018 report."

Welcome Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

Congratulations to the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, who started his tenure on the Court over a week ago. I am deeply appreciative that Judge Kavanaugh and his family accepted the duty of public service, and I have no doubt that he will help lead the Supreme Court back to our Founders’ intentions.

Congratulations Judge Susan Brnovich!

Congratulations to Judge Susan Brnovich. Arizona is fortunate to have a person of her expertise and integrity in the judiciary. We're thankful for the Brnovichs' public service.

A Little of AZ-05 in D.C.

Fall breaks in Arizona are bringing many constituents to Washington, D.C. Recently, the Edens, the Thayns, the Walkers, and the Shainmans visited the U.S. Capitol, and my office was pleased to lead them on tours. Thank you to these families for visiting; we are honored to serve you.

For the Good of the Order

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If you cannot get an answer from a federal agency in a timely fashion, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, my district office may be able to help resolve a problem or get you the information you need. Visit my website to access the privacy consent form and call my district office to set up an appointment with one of my knowledgeable District Representatives.

As always, I am extremely humbled by the trust that you have bestowed upon me and honored to serve as your Congressman.


Andy Biggs 
Member of Congress

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