District Update |June 9, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend,

I would like to update you on some of the work I've been doing in Washington, D.C. this past week. 

 New Disruptive Technology


I joined the House Floor to discuss some of the new pieces of healthcare and climate technology that I have seen since my last speech. There are new advancements in technology being made to help find cures for chronic conditions, to help crash the cost of current practices in healthcare and climate regulation, and to help "future proof" some of the problems we are all focused on. 

I was joined by my colleague, Rep. Garamendi from California, in the beginning of my speech to discuss how technology solutions are bipartisan. Congress can and must work together to implement the technology solutions we have around us to help pay for the promises we have made to society. 

To watch my full speech, click the photo above. 

Hosting a Foster Youth


It was great to host a fellow Arizonan, Allan, on Capitol Hill for the annual Foster Youth Day. I was inspired by his strength to share his story, and it was great to discuss our respective experiences working with the foster care system. I will continue to work to ensure that our nation’s child welfare system provides young people with a safe, stable, and loving home.

Member Day Hearing

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The Ways and Means Committee held a 'Member Day' hearing inviting Members of Congress who do not sit on this committee to come testify about their proposals within our committee's jurisdiction. 

The Ways and Means Committee drafts legislation and holds hearings on a variety of issues, but focuses primarily on healthcare, tax, and trade policy. It was great to hear about different Member's policy ideas and how we can work together as a committee to  advance other colleague's legislation that is within our specialties. 

During the hearing, I discussed how we must be introducing legislation that helps to "future proof" issues. There are so many new technologies available to help our society. We must work together as a body to advance those technologies, and find ways to help finance technology to help reduce costs and solve problems. 

To watch the full hearing, click above. I begin speaking at the end, at time 5:34:20. 

Good News for Robocalls 


The FCC has taken another step towards combating the incessant robocalls we receive each day. This past week, the Commission voted to adopt an anti-robocalling measure for consumers. I have been keeping a close eye on how Congress and the FCC can help to put an end to the robocalls we are receiving each day. 

To learn more about this issue, read here for information on the new measure and about how the FCC is working to decrease robocalls. I look forward to continuing to follow this issue and work with my colleagues to put an end to daily robocalls. 

Remembering D-Day


This week, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day. We must always remember those who risked their lives to defend the American people in the landing in Normandy. The selfless actions and American pride of the greatest generation will never be forgotten.

David Schweikert

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