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After traveling across the 7th District during the month of August, it’s clear that we share many of the same concerns – especially when it comes to the Obama Administration’s so-called Iran “deal.”  

As you all know, Iran has publicly stated its goals of wiping Israel from the face of the Earth while the chant “Death to America” can be heard loud and clear from their public squares.  Unfortunately, they have a substantial history of actions which prove their commitment to both goals.  

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel with a bipartisan group of House members.  Among many other visits, we met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and discussed how this deal will impact the nation of Israel, the Middle East region, our allies and America.

 My trip only reinforced what we both know: this deal paves the way for Iran to obtain nuclear capabilities that will not only threaten Israel and create an arms race in the Middle-East, but it will also be a direct threat to America.

First, this deal gives Iran everything it wants, including tens of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, which will most definitely be used to fund acts of terrorism.  Second, this deal risks a regional arms race in the already volatile Middle East region as Arab countries will likely seek to match Iran’s capabilities.  And, most importantly, Iran gains access to intercontinental ballistic missiles that have the ability to strike American soil.

That’s why I stood with the majority of my colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass several bills which challenge and oppose the Obama Administration’s Iran deal.  Israel is one of our nation’s greatest allies and our aircraft carriers in the Middle East.  We cannot afford to gamble with their safety and security.  To do so is to gamble with our own.

There is another important point to make as well: America has always stood for what is right – the greatest force for good mankind has ever known.  I will fight to keep it that way and do everything I can to defeat this bad agreement.

To view my floor speech discussing my strong opposition to the Iran deal, please click here.


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