Happy Friday - 

Congress gaveled back into session after our July 4th district break, and it was another busy week in the Swamp - especially with President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court. I'm looking forward to being in Arizona for a short weekend. Hope all of you are having a good summer.

Confirm Judge Kavanaugh!

I commend President Trump for again keeping his promise to nominate a Supreme Court candidate who follows the intent of our Constitution and not legislate from the bench. I give my unequivocal endorsement to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I’m urging our Senators to swiftly confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Here are some good articles and sources to read more about President Trump's selection:

What's the BIGGS Idea? podcast

Click this link - or the above logo - to listen to today's podcast episode with Senator Ron Johnson. We discuss the Kavanaugh nomination, Right to Try, and the importance of bringing a business mentality to Congress.

Fridays Stand for Freedom

This week on our Freedom Fridays post, I continue our theme of the week - modernizing the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Yesterday, members of the Congressional Western Caucus introduced nine bills to modernize the ESA. I introduced one of these bills, known as the LIST Act.

Read MORE about our efforts.

Questions for Peter Strzok

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Yesterday, FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before the U.S. House Judiciary and Oversight Committees. He displayed hubris and resisted Congressional efforts to obtain information on his actions during the Hillary Clinton and Russia election investigations. I had the chance to ask Mr. Strzok questions, confirming his bias towards President Trump. Click the video to watch.

Right Place, Right Time

‪Some people are in the right place at the right time. My office was giving a Capitol tour this week to the Ray and Basha families when Vice President Mike Pence walked through the Rotunda and greeted them. I’m sure that’s a moment they’ll never forget.

Thank you, Juston Doherty....

Juston Doherty, a decorated Army Captain and Phoenix firefighter, died suddenly in Arizona on July 6. Cindy and I send our thoughts and prayers to a family that has dedicated their lives to serving our nation, state, and community. After my Arizona colleagues and I interceded on behalf of the deceased's family, the U.S. Navy granted emergency leave to Mr. Doherty's step son, Airman Whitmire, in order for him to attend the funeral. We are grateful to the Navy for allowing this family's request.

For the Good of the Order

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As always, I am extremely humbled by the trust that you have bestowed upon me and honored to serve as your Congressman.


Andy Biggs
Member of Congress

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