Happy Tuesday -

I promised my constituents that I would fight for a fully secured border; that I would oppose all forms of amnesty.

Unfortunately, the immigration bill introduced last week did not completely secure the border, but granted amnesty to illegal aliens. The same is true of this week's bill.

That's why I could not support the bill last week, and why I will be voting no on the new legislation when it comes to the House floor.

My constituents expect me to keep my commitments. Congress has dithered for too long in securing the border. We find it easier to talk about giving amnesty or kicking the can down the road than to actually build the wall. Border security comes FIRST. We must fund the components of border security, and then finish the job before we move on.

After we both voted against last week's bill, Congressman Paul Gosar joined me on my weekly podcast to discuss our reasons for opposing this bill - and amnesty in general. Thank you, Congressman Gosar for your leadership and friendship in Congress.

Click the podcast logo below to listen to episode two of What's the BIGGS Idea?

Thank you for your time.

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