District Update |April 7, 2019                                                                                 

Dear Friend, 

I'd like to update you on some of the work we've been doing in Washington, D.C. this past week.

Floor Speech on Financing Chronic Conditions


In continuing my 5-pillar discussion, I focused this week's Floor speech on how our healthcare system can finance vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and technology, to help support the majority of individuals with chronic conditions.

There are so many new technological improvements for medicine on the horizon. For example, what if I told you for a number of chronic conditions, there is now technology available to help manage your disease, or even single-shot cures coming to help with life-long medical concerns. 

Congress must move away from the debate of who gets to pay for their healthcare, and instead focus on how we can lower the price of healthcare costs in our country for drugs, premiums, and more with implementing the technology we have available. 

To watch my full floor speech, click the photo above. 

Born Alive Discharge Petition


The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was brought to the Floor this week by Whip Scalise. Over the past two months, House Republicans have asked for unanimous consent from the Democrats to bring this piece of legislation to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion to receive the same medical attention as any child born would. 

As an adopted child and pro-life supporter, this is common-sense legislation that will protect life in all forms should be common sense legislation that is passed. 

To read the text of the bill, click here.  

Talking U.S. Trade and Border Security


As trade negotiations continue for the United States Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), I have become a member of the Republican USMCA Whip Team. 

Two weeks ago, I attended a policy round table at the White House with President Trump, Whip Scalise, and Members of Congress to discuss the current status and progress being made for the USMCA.

Arizona is a state that benefits greatly from trade with its neighbors. This much needed update to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will strengthen trading relationships of the United States with Mexico and Canada. 


I joined Fox Business this week to continue to discuss trade and to talk about the crisis our country is facing at the Southern border. Currently, the thousands of migrants entering the country a day is far above the levels of immigration our country has seen on a regular basis. 

We must ensure ICE and Border Protection Agents are provided with the resources they need to keep our country safe.  

To watch the full interview, please click the photo above. 

Supporting the U.S. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program 

This March, the Arizona Delegation sent a letter to the Appropriations Committee in support of the U.S. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). This request did not ask for more funding; instead, it requests an increased impact of the diversion of LIHEAP appropriations and to allocate no less than 75 percent of any new LIHEAP funding that becomes available in the FY20 program formula.  

Arizona's share of LIHEAP funds ranks last in reaching assistance-eligible populations. 
Ensuring all Arizonans qualifying for LIHEAP receive their fair share of resources is a huge priority for a state like Arizona, where there are high levels of extreme heat multiple months of the year. This appropriations request can help ensure Arizona families are receiving proper care to be kept safe through the desert heat.

To read the full letter and to learn more, click here

Constituents Stopping By


It was great to have so many constituents stopping by the office this past week to discuss their legislative priorities. We really appreciate all of the groups that stop by to update us on the different issues affecting Arizonans. 

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