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Over the last six months, House Republicans have worked to protect small businesses and American taxpayers from the onerous rules and regulations coming out of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The Supreme Court's decision requiring the EPA to consider the costs of the regulations it imposes on American families further validates our actions. 

The EPA is out of control and must be reined in!


Should the EPA consider the costs of the regulations it imposes on American families?
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Earlier this year, the House passed the Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 185) that would help rein in economically-harmful regulations by requiring bureaucrats to institute regulations based on sound data and at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers.  Most recently, the House passed the Ratepayer Protection Act (H.R. 2042) that would help shield families and small businesses from double-digit energy price hikes by delaying new rules on power producers that pose a significant threat to the economy.  Additionally, we've fought tooth and nail against rule changes to "Waters of the U.S." that would greatly expand the EPA's jurisdiction to include nearly any body of water- including that water puddled in your ditch after a rain storm.

We're listening to the American people and are fighting to get the federal government out of your business.  


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