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From pushing for equal access to the internet to advocating for stability in the Navy, I continue to fight for you in Washington.

Meanwhile, at home this week, my staff and I are proud to host an open house and a high school art competition in Coastal Virginia!

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HAPPENING TONIGHT: Open House on the Eastern Shore!

Last month it was great to open a new district office in Onley, and I look forward to greeting Eastern Shore residents at the office tonight!

My staff and I will be on hand for the open house to answer any questions, assist with any requests, and provide an update of everything that has been going on in Washington. I look forward to meeting with more of the great people I represent.

As always, Virginians living in the Second Congressional District are encouraged to call my offices in Washington, Virginia Beach, and Onley to request assistance, discuss upcoming congressional votes, and ask about any other federal needs.

The open house in Onley will be held tonight between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The location is listed below.

Onley Town Center – Oyster Room
25020 Shore Parkway
Onley, VA 23418

FRIDAY DEADLINE: Submit Your Best Work to the Congressional Art Competition!

We are still accepting submissions for the high school Congressional Art Competition! The winning pieces of the competition will be hung in the U.S. Capitol building for a year, and I am looking forward to showcasing the amazing talent of the district for all to see! Click the link for more information – and be sure to submit your work by Friday!

Restoring Net Neutrality

In 2017, the FEC voted to abolish net neutrality, paving the way for internet service providers to slow down connections or discriminate against types of content. I am a proud cosponsor of the Save the Internet Act to restore net neutrality.

At its best, the internet is America’s one-stop shop for innovation, enlightenment, and entertainment. We need net neutrality protections so people have the power to succeed online.

Challenging Naval Leadership

I recently challenged top Navy leadership to develop a clear long-term strategic plan rather than one that changes drastically every year.

With a district that relies heavily on shipbuilding and a strong naval presence, we need to create a stable long-term plan that Virginians can depend on. If our goals are always changing, we cannot adequately prepare for the future.

I will continue to press for accountability from our military leadership, ensuring that people in our district receive straight answers.

Joining the Naval Academy Board of Visitors

As a proud 1997 United States Naval Academy graduate, I was thrilled to be named to the Naval Academy’s Board of Visitors. In this role I will ensure that the Naval Academy receives the resources it needs to fulfill its mission and train our future military leaders.

I will have the honor to provide oversight in evaluating the university’s morale and discipline, curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, academic methods, and other matters relating to the Naval Academy.

Today’s Academy students will be tomorrow’s Navy leaders, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that they receive the best education we can provide.

I had the honor to hear the thoughts of John Reinhart, CEO & Executive Director of The Port of Virginia, during the recent State of the Port brief. Congratulations to Capt. Kevin Carroll (USCG Sector Hampton Roads) for winning the 2019 Commerce Builder Award!
Enjoyed meeting with Jim Spore, President & CEO of Reinvent Hampton Roads, to discuss economic partnerships and projects in Coastal Virginia.

Thank you Hampton Roads NORML for facilitating an informative town hall and Senator Lynwood Lewis and Commonwealth’s Attorney Greg Underwood for sharing their perspectives on smart cannabis policy.

One of my favorite opportunities across the last two weeks was having the honor of explaining the district system in Virginia and responsibilities of the House of Representatives to 8th grade civics students from Lynnhaven Middle School.

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I hope you will take some time to read the news articles below.

It’s the honor of my lifetime to serve you and Virginia’s Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. As always, you have my word that I will continue working hard each day, and I welcome your thoughts!


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