News from Representative Tom Emmer

Dear Friend,

If you observe, I hope your Lenten journey was fruitful and that you had a blessed Easter. I enjoyed spending the day with my family, and being in Minnesota to meet with constituents.  

Thank you to everyone who attended my town hall in Blaine on April 1. There was a great turnout, and a thoughtful discussion on some important issues. I will be holding these events over the next two years. Keep checking back at for one near you.

Balancing the Budget
As you know, I am determined to work towards a balanced federal budget. I have 7 children—I’m no stranger to streamlining expenses and focusing on key priorities. If Minnesota families have to watch their spending, the federal government should too. Rep. Tom Price, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and I wrote an op-ed in the St. Cloud Times on the Republican budget proposal:

"We were not sent to Washington to fight for the status quo, but rather to lay a foundation for economic growth, removing the burden on our children and balancing the budget, simplifying the tax code so hardworking taxpayers keep more of what they earn, putting our health and retirement programs on a solid footing and properly funding our military."

Click here to read the full column.

Art Competition
Calling all teenage artists! My office is now accepting submissions for the annual Congressional Art Competition from high school students living in Minnesota's 6th District. All artwork must be submitted to my Otsego office by Friday, April 17, 2015. Interested students should visit my website for more information.


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