District Update |March 10, 2019                                                                                 

Week in Review

Valley Fever Task Force Round table

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What if I told you that in 3 years, there will be a vaccine to cure Valley Fever for animals. 

When Leader McCarthy and I created the Congressional Valley Fever Task Force, we were eager to find a solution for this endemic orphan disease. I can say today, we are both very optimistic and excited that we will see a vaccine to cure Valley Fever in the near future. 

During this round table, we discussed the need to increase awareness for this disease. We must be increasing the awareness of Valley Fever in Arizona and California where the disease is most commonly detected, and across the United States as it spreads. 

By increasing awareness, we can increase timely recognition of symptoms for individuals with Valley Fever and we can increase the process of finding a cure for this disease in the coming years. 

House Floor Speech on Family Formation

In continuing my five-pillar discussion on the House Floor this week, I focused on solutions to create population stability and how we must create policy that maximizes family formation. 

There is not a magic formula for this. We must ask ourselves about what solutions we must implement. Should we create incentives for families to have more children, that we can implement in our tax code? Also, should our country move to a talent-based immigration system?

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Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Infrastructure


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The Committee held a hearing focused on our nation's infrastructure and the need for action. During the hearing, I discussed the importance of smart technology in infrastructure, for example, how mass transportation will change in the coming years.

Will we be seeing autonomous vehicles helping with mass transportation? And how will cities infrastructure change with the technology revolution around us? 

To watch the hearing, click above. I begin to speak at 2:13:30. 

Thanks for Stopping By!

With Spring months coming to D.C., we have had so many constituents stopping by the office. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, and inform us on the many projects you all are working on!



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