District Update |March 3, 2019                                                                                 

Week in Review

This week, we celebrate 100 years of great hikes, views, and exploring the Grand Canyon. I will be going on my 32nd hike of the Grand Canyon this Spring and I always look forward to this trip with family. We are so lucky to have this national treasure within our beautiful state. 


Celebrating Arizona Statehood Day


It was great to join fellow Arizonans to celebrate Arizona Statehood Day and give a John S. McCain award to Former Representative Jim Kolbe. We must work hard to bring more Arizonans to Washington, D.C. for jobs in our delegation. I look forward to continuing to work with the Arizona State Society and my fellow Arizona colleagues. 

Ways and Means Committee Hearing on U.S. - China Trade Relations

In this hearing, I asked Trump Administration United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer questions about how we can future proof our trade agreements. It was great to hear from Ambassador Lighthizer and learn more about the current status  of the United State trade with China. 

To listen to the full committee hearing please click below. I begin speaking at 1:35:20.

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Floor Speech on Employment Incentives

How can we design incentives for individuals to stay in the workforce? 

I joined the House floor to continue my 5-pillar discussion on how we must make changes in our system to pay for our promises like social security and medicare. Our economy is showing incredible growth and low unemployment numbers. With low unemployment, we must work towards continuing to fill the vast amount of job openings available to us to help support our economy. 

To watch my full speech, click the photo below.  


Safety in Our Communities


This week, my colleagues in the House missed an opportunity to discuss Congressional and Executive authority, by instead holding a vote for show on the declaration of a national emergency. 

Securing the border is of paramount importance and urgency to our country and  especially to Arizona. I have talked with friends and neighbors about the "Mexican Oxy" pills coming across the border that contain deathly amounts of fentanyl circulating our children's schools and communities all over Arizona.

I will continue to be a strong advocate for controlling prescription drug abuse, while simultaneously advocating for strong border security. We must be taking steps to stop these drugs and criminal activities from flowing across the border. 

Above is a headline about these dangerous pills from NBC News. Click the photo to read more about these dangerous drugs being circulated in our community. 

Thanks for Stopping By

We had so many constituents coming into the office this past week.

Whether it is for a U.S. Capitol tour or a meeting with staff and I, Arizona's 6th District constituents always know how to make a busy week more enjoyable. We are thankful for all of the groups,  including both new and familiar faces, for coming in!



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