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Featured Updates:

1. 8th Street Traffic-lane Shifts This Week

2. 11th Street Traffic-lane Shifts This Week

2. 3rd Street Traffic-condition Update

3. Early-May Closure of 7th Street and Virginia Avenue Intersection

4. CSX Open House Thursday, April 14



Dear Neighbors:


Following are updates about current activities throughout the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project area. CSX remains committed to providing the most current information available about the project.


1. 8th Street Traffic-lane Shifts and Construction of Temporary Bridge Deck

CSX this week expects traffic at the intersection of 8th Street and Virginia Avenue to be shifted to a new, temporary lane on the west side of the existing intersection. This will allow two-way traffic to continue flowing while a temporary bridge deck is constructed across the area to be excavated for the first new tunnel. North- and southbound traffic will be shifted to the west for approximately six to eight weeks while the bridge deck is installed. Traffic drums, signs, concrete barriers and new lane striping will assist drivers and pedestrians alike in navigating through the temporary alignment. Once completed, the traffic lanes will be returned to their original alignment, passing over the newly installed bridge deck. This work was previously announced on March 24th.


2. 11th Street Traffic-lanes to Shift This Week

CSX this week expects to shift the lanes of traffic on 11th Street (between L Street and the I-695 entrance ramp) to accommodate the next evolution of construction there. Drivers should continue to be cautious when traveling through that area and follow signs and traffic-control devices installed to guide the flow of traffic. Pedestrians will be directed to use sidewalks on the west side of 11th Street only to ensure safe passage through the construction area.


3. 3rd Street Traffic Conditions

CSX expects to complete the temporary bridge deck at the intersection of 3rd Street and Virginia Avenue, across the area excavation for the first new tunnel, within the next two weeks. Once the bridge deck is completed and approved for use by DDOT, the current one-way northbound traffic will be shifted onto the new bridge deck while a temporary connection is created to the loading dock for the 200 I Street building. When that work is complete, two-way traffic will be restored across the temporary bridge deck. CSX expects to restore two-way traffic on 3rd Street near the end of April. Additional information will be provided as schedules are finalized.


4. Early-May Closure of 7th Street and Virginia Avenue Intersection

CSX has begun preparations to temporarily close the intersection of 7th Street and Virginia Avenue in the first week of May, to allow installation of a temporary bridge deck across the area to be excavated for the first new tunnel. The closure is expected to last for up to two weeks. Information about detours around the intersection will be provided in the next few weeks.


5. CSX Open House Thursday, April 14

CSX will host the next Virginia Avenue Tunnel project Open House meeting on Thursday, April 14, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, 140 L Street, S.E. CSX project team members and representatives from our design and construction partner, Clark/Parsons, will be available to answer questions and to provide project updates. There will be no formal presentation. All community members are invited. The full schedule of Open House and Coffee with Chuck meetings for 2016 is available here on the project website. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.


CSX understand that this work can be disruptive to neighbors of the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project, and we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. We appreciate the community’s patience while we complete this important project. For more information about the Virginia Avenue Tunnel project, we encourage you to visit, stop by the CSX Community Office or call CSX at (800) 494-1049.




The Virginia Avenue Tunnel Team