District Update |February 10, 2019                                                                                 

Week in Review

This week, my colleagues and I congregated on the House Floor to hear the President of the United States deliver the State of the Union Address. 

After hearing the speech, I hope all of my colleagues whether on the right or the left, will come together and embrace bi-partisanship. If you were unable to watch the full address, please click below.


Ways and Means Committee Hearing - Retirement Security for America's Workforce

This week, committee members met to discuss the importance of retirement security for Americans. During this hearing, I cited the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) 2019 report that shows in 10 years, 50% of all non-interest government spending will go to those age 65 and older.

Our country is facing a demographics issue. We must create incentives for increased labor-force participation to keep our promises like Social Security and Medicare. 

To watch the full committee hearing click the photo below. I speak at 1:37:00. 


House Floor Special Order Speech 

I used time this week to move from the charts and graphs into image slides to show each of the autonomous medical devices that are available to us. Technology must be embraced by society in order to begin to crash the price of healthcare. 

Often times, my colleagues on both sides of the aisle focus on who gets to pay for healthcare,  when we should be focused on the technology revolution surrounding us that can help lower costs. 

To learn more about some of the technology we can use as a society, watch the full speech below. 


IRS Resources: Income Tax Assistant

As we all begin to receive our W-2 forms, we wanted to make sure constituents were aware of the resources available for filing their taxes this season. 

IRS certified volunteers are available to provide free income tax assistance to those who qualify. Please follow the link to the IRS VITA site below for more information. 


Image Image Image Image