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What issues matter most to you?

Earlier today I announced the launch of a new weekly video series. It will be an opportunity for me to answer your questions, give a behind-the-scenes look at our offices, and share my take on what’s happening in Washington.


In my first update, I talk about a bill the House passed that provides businesses of all sizes an incentive to make the capital purchases necessary to grow jobs.

If you have a question for me, or a topic request, visit

Fighting Hunger
Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Martha’s Table. This D.C.-based organization reaches more than 18,000 people with food, education, and thrift store programs. While there, I put my father-of-7 skills to work making sandwiches. I look forward to my next visit.  

We have a responsibility to one another, and I am encouraged by the actions of this Congress to make it easier for people to give back to their communities. This week we passed the Fighting Hunger Incentives Act, a bill that encourages businesses to donate food to charities and food banks.

Town Halls
When I was sworn into office, my staff and I pledged to make our work transparent, accountable, and most importantly—accessible. Last night we hosted a telephone town hall. Thank you to everyone who was on the call. We had a great discussion on everything from education reform to foreign policy.

If you were unable to make the call, or we didn’t have time to get to your question, I hope you will be able to join me at our in-person town hall in downtown St. Cloud next Thursday. Visit for details on this event, and for updates on future coffee town halls.  

Art Competition
Calling all teenage artists! My office is now accepting submissions for the annual congressional art competition. This competition is an opportunity for high school students in Minnesota to showcase their skills and brighten the halls of Congress with a little hometown flair. I encourage anyone interested to click here for more information



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