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Recently, nations around the world joined together to celebrate Earth Day, and scientists marched in cities across the globe to support science in solving humanity’s greatest challenges. Among these is the steady progression of global climate change, which is already reshaping the world around us. As our state recovers from one of the harshest droughts in recent memory, it is important to remember how the scientific method has helped us take vast strides over the past few centuries and explore new frontiers.

I am so proud of the businesses right here in our community that are playing an integral role in programs that will keep our nation the leader in scientific exploration of our universe, including NASA’s Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS). SLS and Orion will one day allow our astronauts to explore Mars, and in the process create new technologies so that we can develop a greater understanding of our solar system’s origins. The scientific discoveries that come with exploring our universe not only shed light on where we came from, but can help us protect our rare and beautiful home.

It is the same scientific principles that guide space exploration that have led to unequivocal research into our climate. The process of making observations, asking questions, repeatedly testing hypotheses through experimentation, and developing scientific consensus is imperfect, but it is the best process we have for rising to the occasion and solving our greatest challenges. In today’s hyperpartisan environment, I am committed to fighting against efforts to undermine peer reviewed scientific research and against devastating cuts to research funding.

Cherishing our planet is not something that should only be done once a year, and neither should our support for scientific research. As Congress considers funding for the next fiscal year, I will never stop defending the investments necessary to make this century worthy of our next generation.  


Linda Sánchez
Member of Congress

Washington Update

Commitment to Exploration

The sheer scale of projects required to explore our neighboring planets and worlds beyond requires NASA to tap into the extraordinary ingenuity of scientists and manufacturers throughout our country, down to even the smallest systems and parts. Businesses in our district are building critical components and systems for the SLS and the Orion spacecraft to carry our astronauts to destinations like Mars, including fuel tanks, valves, and controls. On such extraordinary projects, stable long term funding is vital for the United States to achieve its exploration goals, which is why I am working with my colleagues to ensure NASA receives the necessary funding to stay on schedule for the first missions of the SLS targeted for 2018 and 2022.

Maintaining Competitiveness in Clean Energy and Climate Research

Improving our nation’s energy infrastructure is a national security, economic, and environmental imperative. Not only must our nation lead on developing cleaner sources of energy, but we must improve the resilience of our energy system to keep pace with global competitors. That is why I am defending vital energy research funding for the 21st century through the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. In addition, protecting our planet and our community from climate change is one of my highest priorities, and there are several important federal programs that I am focused on defending. I am a strong supporter of the Clean Power Plan, and I am fighting the Administration’s plans to dismantle it. I am also working with my colleagues to protect funding for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) oceanic and atmospheric research. NOAA helps our nation understand changes in climate, weather, and oceans that directly impact our community. 

Conserving Our Public Lands 

Public lands continue to be one of our nation’s crown jewels. Our public lands provide incredible recreational opportunities for Americans, as well as vital habitats for endangered species. Since 1964, the Land and Wildlife Conservation Fund (LWCF) has financed federal, state, and local projects to protect natural areas for conservation and recreational uses, including treasures like the Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park. Too often over the past 50 years, funds dedicated to LWCF have been redirected to other programs. I am fighting to ensure the LWCF receives strong funding in FY 2018.

Highlight from the District

I was pleased to join constituents at the Norwalk Adult School for a town hall event. At the event, I answered questions on topics ranging from health care to education to immigration. I always appreciate the opportunity to meet with constituents face to face, and I appreciate so many neighbors taking time out of their busy day to discuss how policies at the federal level are impacting our community. 

I also always enjoy the opportunity to showcase the tremendous young artistic talent in our community. Recently, I joined high school students from across our community to celebrate their submissions to the 38th Congressional Art Competition, and to announce our winners. 

I look forward to seeing the winning art piece, Elizabeth Islas’ “A Form of Expression," hanging in the halls of the United States Capitol!

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