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A Commitment to Civility

At the beginning of this Congress, I joined a bipartisan group of 46 freshman House members in signing a "Commitment to Civility." This document outlines our collective effort to encourage productive dialogue, build consensus, and work to restore the public's trust.

Working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle is a priority of mine. While we may disagree on a number of different issues, having a civil and respectful conversation is the first step in finding common ground. On Tuesday afternoon, I delivered a speech on this topic on the House floor. You can watch the speech here, and read my remarks here.

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First Cosponsorships

Standing up for middle-class families, protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens, and ensuring access to affordable health care for all Americans -- these are just a few priorities that will help reignite the American Dream. That is why I recently cosponsored nine bills that would do those things and that would have a direct, positive impact on our communities. 

Continuing my commitment to working across the aisle as much as possible, seven of the bills are bipartisan. I look forward to working to pass these bills in the House and signed into law. You can learn more about the nine bills I cosponsored here.

Photo Journal

Spent some time at my Lancaster office reading notes from constituents. These particular notes are from constituents associated with Lancaster Stands Up.


I was glad to meet with constituents this week from UniqueSource Products & Services -- an organization that helps create employment opportunities for Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Their program is currently threatened by federal regulations, and I will work to get rid of these burdensome regulations to ensure these programs can continue. I was so pleased to hear Caitlin Stafford (pictured above) share her story. She read a letter that explained why these programs are so important, and I couldn't be prouder to support this effort.


It was great to sit down with Senator Bob Casey recently to discuss ways we can work together for the people of Pennsylvania.


Rep. Pat Meehan and I participated in a roundtable discussion in Coatesville, Chester County with local community bank representatives. Community banks are vital to growing our local economy.


Former Congressman Joe Pitts traveled to Washington recently with a group of more than150 constituents for a tour of the U.S. Capitol Building led by Dave Barton. I was glad to be invited to join the group and see so many people from our community!


If there is a business, school, or organization that you would like me to visit, you can send me an email here.

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Lloyd Smucker


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