1. Most Important Issue
What is the most important issue you would like me to address in Congress?*

Economy/Creating Jobs
Deficit/Government Spending
Health Care
National Security
Moral Values

2. Create Jobs
What do you think is the best way I can create jobs?*

Reduce government spending
Reduce government regulations
Increase taxes
Increase government spending

3. Balance the Budget?
The national debt is $16 trillion. What should we do to balance the budget?*

Cut spending (including Social Security) and raise taxes.
Cut spending (including Social Security) but don't raise taxes.
Cut spending (but not Social Security) and don't raise taxes.
Raise taxes but don't cut spending.
Let budget deficits continue.

4. Repeal Health Care Law?
I voted against the President's health care legislation because it will increase costs and threaten the quality of our care. What should we do now?*

Keep the law the way it is.
Reform the law to make it better.
Repeal the entire law and start from scratch.

5. Climate change?
There has been a lot of scientific research about climate change. What do you think?*

Global warming, if there is any, is not man-made.
Global warming is probably real, but we have much bigger issues to deal with.
Global warming is real and man-made. We should reduce our use of fossil fuels like coal and oil even if it means hurting jobs.

6. Tear Down the Dams?
I think hydroelectric power is a renewable resource that powers our state with clean energy. Some other people say the Snake River dams should be torn down to improve salmon returns. What do you think?*

Don't tear down the dams.
Tear down the dams.

7. Afghanistan?
President Obama has begun to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and wants to remove all forces by 2014. What do you think?*

Keep withdrawing troops as planned.
Withdraw some troops, but extend the deadline past 2014.
We should not announce a withdrawal until our goals are achieved.

8. Immigration?
There are about 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. What should be our top priority when it comes to immigration?*

Secure the borders and don't give amnesty to illegal immigrants.
Secure borders first, then develop a comprehensive solution which may include amnesty for some illegal immigrants.
Provide amnesty.

9. Abortion?
Do you think there should be more restrictions on abortion?*

I would vote pro-choice.
I would vote pro-life.
I am pro-choice, but taxpayers should not fund abortions.

10. Gun Control?
What is your view about gun ownership?*

We have a basic right to own guns.
There should be more controls on gun ownership.

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