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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Congress passed five pieces of legislation totaling over $3 trillion to provide relief and aid. The package included money to help send resources to families, support nutrition programs and child care, bolster the capacity for hospitals to handle pandemic-related services, provide personal protective equipment to frontline workers and assistance to small business owners to preserve jobs, and send money for schools to reopen safely and responsibly.

I want to get your thoughts on how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting you and your community. I invite you to answer the brief survey below and have your voice heard as Congress considers a new coronavirus relief package. Thank you.

Have you been furloughed from work or lost your job due to coronavirus?
Have you been receiving unemployment benefits?
Have you or a family member contracted COVID 19?
If so, what was the outcome?
Congress passed five legislative packages totaling $3 trillion to provide relief to individuals, businesses, hospitals, state and local governments, and schools. Much of that money is still being allocated. 

At this time, do you see needs due to the coronavirus that would warrant the federal government spending additional dollars in another relief package?
If 'yes', what areas do you see needs in your community?
Please share any other thoughts you have about the pandemic and what the government response should be?
Thank you for taking time to share your insights with me. Your views are important to me so I can best represent you. We will get through this uncertain time and will fully recover as a nation as we support each other, keep praying, and act responsibly to restore our way of life.

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